10 Life Changing YouTube Hacks


Time to trick YouTube:

YouTube is the ultimate destination of all cool, informational, funny and viral videos. It is a part of our life and answers to our any problem. With the one click, we can view a dancing video of Justine Beiber to the latest news report. So, long story short, after Google YouTube is the next place where we search for solutions. We all use YouTube today for our different purposes, but we are not actually familiar with all the cool hacks of YouTube. So, that’s why I have few unknown hacks of YouTube for you all.  

#1. With YouTube, you can send video link that starts at a particular time. Gone the old time where you have to send the whole link to the video to your friends. Suppose you want to show something at 22 seconds of YouTube video. So, for that simply click on the share button and after that, you will see “start at” dialogue box. Just type time in the box and your friend will receive video from that time.

#2. To get higher ranking for your YouTube video add a transcript. Yep, YouTube and its parent company Google has soft spot for certain keywords. You can add a transcript to your video from the far right option in the play menu called “Subtitles/CC.” (CC stands for “Closed Captions.) Simply click on the option and YouTube will provide you three ways to add a transcript. So, select method according to your wish and get high ranking on YouTube.

#3. YouTube allows you to create a private playlist. With YouTube playlist option you can collect all your favorite videos under one playlist and mark it private to preserve it from the public eye. You can simply click on video page playlist and can create your personal private YouTube playlist.

#4. You can even save YouTube videos. Don’t have time to watch the YouTube video right now, then simply add it to ” Watch Later”. This is a sort of bookmark feature in which you can add video to watch later playlist. From which you can watch the video in your free time.  

#5. You can get your personal YouTube URL. For viewers to easily find you and get more viewers, you can get your personal YouTube URL. Like, this is the YouTube link example https://www.youtube.com/xxx. But, for that, you must have 100 subscribers and once your URL set, you can’t change it.

#6. You can add clickable links to your video. To promote your blog or services you can put “annotations” to your YouTube video. This way viewer can directly click on the link while watching your video.

#7. You can also add fancy screen endings to video. You can add promotional and beautiful screen endings to your videos by clicking on Manage Video.

#8. YouTube has a royalty-free library. You can use sounds from the free library of YouTube to add to your video for free of cost.

#9. Create image collage. If you want to make cheesy image collage into a video slideshow. Then without using any extra tool, you can do this with YouTube. Just click on create option and you are ready to make image slideshow.

#10. You can upload and watch 360-degree videos. This feature of YouTube has gone viral as numerous athletes and brands have created unique angel videos with this cool feature.

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