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Well, readers, if you have read our previous post on the pentesting, then you know the basics of Penetration Testing. But, if you have missed out our pen-testing post, then let us give you a little preview on the topic.

So, guys penetration testing means hacking the system of organization in a secure environment to check the security loopholes. Pen-testers creates the whole mock drill of hacking the server like the real hacker and try to locate the information leakages. The whole process of the Penetration Testing requires an optimum level of the experience and numerous tools.

That’s why in this post, we will study all the useful and meaningful tools that can be helpful for the Pen-testers in different stages of the penetration testing.

#1. Nmap

This tool has completed its 20 years on 1st September 2017. Nmap has been used for the attackers mapping and network discovery tool since its release. Nmap can perform plenty of other duties also such as host discovery, port scanning, OS detection and IDF spoofing. This lucrative tool is a good choice for both big and small gigs.

#2. Aircrack-ng

This tool is quite similar to the Nmap. Aircrack-ng is helpful for the testers who are assessing online servers. It is useful when testers are using the wireless network. Aircrack-ng has the whole package of wireless network tools that can be very helpful to the testers. Such as covering packet capture and attacking (including cracking WPA and WEP).

#3. Wifiphisher

Wifiphisher is a rigid assessment tool which enables automatic phishing attacks against Wi-Fi networks. Assessments using Wifiphisher can take testers to harvest or infection point, depending upon the nature of the job. The full documentation overview of the Wifiphisher tool is available on its official website for testers to check.

#4. Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a multitasking tool which finds security and functional issues of both the application and web servers. These tools enable testers to custom attack the app. The free version of the tool offers some limited features, but the full paid version offers some really cool features. The paid version offers 100 different vulnerabilities check including top 10 OWSAP, multiple points, and based configuration.

One of the most discussed and preferable features of the Burp Suite is that it can be used to automate repetitive functions, and offers a decent view of what the app is doing with the server.


ZAP is another testing tool which works on the line of Burp Suite. It is used to test applications at the beginners level. The Burp Suite is a tool for the hardcore testers whereas ZAP is for the testers who are starting the job. And, testers won’t have to worry about the costing of the ZAP also as its an open source tool. Moreover, OWASP recommends the ZAP and has published the tutorial of the tool also.

#6. SQLmap

The official description present on the website of the SQLmap explains everything about the tool. SQLmap is an automatic SQL injection and database take over the tool. It supports all the common and widely used database platforms – MySQL, MSSQL, Access, DB2, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQLite – and six different attacks.

#7. CME (CrackMapExec)

It is a post-exploration tool that will automate the process of assessing the large Active Directory networks. Its author says that tool follows the concept of living off the land. Whereas red team hackers use of this tool is pretty clear, but the blue team hackers can also use it to assess account privileges, simulate attacks, and find misconfigurations.

#8. Impacket

Impacket is used by the CME, as the collection of python classes in the low-level programmatic access to protocols like SMB1-3, or TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, and ARP on IPv4 / IPv6. They can be created from the scratch.

#9. PowerSploit

PowerSploit is a collection of modules that can be used in the assessment. As you might have guessed from the name, modules themselves are in the form of PowerShell on Windows. The some of the dynamic features of PowerSploit includes exfiltration, code execution, script modification, reconnaissance, and more.

#10. Luckystrike

Luckystrike is the generator of excel and word document. Luckystrike can work with standard shell commands, PowerShell scripts, and EXEs.

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