#10 Qualities of a Perfect Programmer


Traits of a Great Programmer:

Okay, you got a degree in computer science and have plenty of coding skills. So, are the other million programmers out there has these qualities. That’s why having a degree or coding skills doesn’t convey that you are a perfect programmer. To be a top in the game, you required adopting some extra traits in your personality. Traits that make you better than other programmers. That’s why we have formulated the #list of 10 qualities of the perfect programmers.

Tender Ten Traits of A Programmer!

#Be Roundup. In today’s business environment you can’t get success with one trait. If you are good in web developing, then you have to be good at web designing also. As normally big companies like to hire a person who can offer them more. So, try to learn related technologies also to be an all-rounder.

#Be confident. Designing a code for any program is a tricky process. But, you have to be confident before starting your coding. If you feel confident, then it will show in your outcome. As clients always like a confident programmer, but not try to be overconfident. Try to balance between confidence and overconfidence.

#Be a learner. Now, we all know that technology changes very rapidly. A new technology develops every other day. So to stay for the long run, you need to learn new technology and stay updated with changing trends.

#Be solver. During your coding phase, you will phase numerous problems. And good programmer never gets affected from these little bumps. A true programmer is always ready to tackle new problems and ready to solve them. So, never get stressed out over a problem instead of it try to find a solid solution for it.

#Be a communicator. You don’t need to be a chatterbox, but having good communication skills helps a lot. You need to know when, where and with whom you have to communicate. You should be well connected with the person at the lower level of the hierarchy and as well as with top-level executor. This helps a lot in problem-solving phase.

#Be punctual. You need to learn to respect your deadlines and try to complete the task in given timeline. As clients always want work to be completed on time and by doing so you’ll score Brownie points in your client’s eyes.

#Be a team player. You have to be a team player. Work according to your team and if possible help your other teammates also. Don’t be a jealous person and appreciate work of your other teammates also.

#Be interested in business. You need to understand about your company’s business. As the better prepared you are to understand their problems and build solutions that help them grow.

#Be flexible. You have to be flexible with your schedule. If your client required any changes in the middle of the designing process, then you have to be flexible for them. The coding should be flexible that it can be changed at any given time.

#Be part of the whole process. For a programmer, the project is their baby, so if your job is coding then it doesn’t mean you can’t take part in another process. If your help is required in testing, deployment, training users, and solving production problems. Then be ready to provide it to make your project the best.


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