10 Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts to ease out your life


Stimulating Xcode Shortcuts:

The whole life of a developer revolves around typing long and lengthy codes.  The developer has to type hundreds of codes in their existence to generate the perfect program. Well, we can’t help in shortening the code writing process. But, we can surely help by offering you some Xcode keyboard shortcuts to ease out your coding pressure. You must be thinking that you are fully aware of the shortcut keys to writing up codes.

Well, you see guys I’m not talking about, find text in a file with ⌘F, create a new file with ⌘N, open a new tab with ⌘T or close a tab with ⌘W keys. No, I’m talking about some rare Xcode keyboard shortcuts that you never heard before. I know, by now your interest must be spiked up. So, let me present you some cool Xcode keyboard shortcuts to ease out your life.

  1. Run: ⌘R (Command + R)

Very useful command, simply write up your code and run it in the simulator or on your device to test it. This command will immediately implement your program and show you the accurate result.

  1. Show Standard Editor: ⌘⏎ (Command + Enter)

This command implies to view where you have only one file open. Show Standard Editor will open up the file for you to view. This shortcut key comes very handily while writing the codes.

  1. Show Assistant Editor: ⌥⌘⏎ (Option + Command + Enter)

Under this key, you can open two files together and can work on them together. This command is a boon while conducting unit tests as classes of both files can be easily compared. The Assistant Editor helps developers studying another file while writing codes in another file.  

  1. Open Quickly: ⇧⌘O (Shift + Command + O)

As you can guess from the name that this key quickly opens any file. Just enter the command and enter the name of your file. Further, you can even view the file in Standard Editor for the single view and in Assistant Editor to split screen.

  1.  Clean: ⇧⌘K (Shift + Command + K)

This command comes very usefully at the time when you know your code is correct, but still, it shows error. By Clean command, you can clean the code and 10 out of 8 times this trick works. But, it doesn’t work then you have to debug whole code.

  1. Show/Hide Debug Area: ⇧⌘Y (Shift + Command + Y)

Debug area contains the variable view and consoles view. The variables view shows the state of all the variables in scope when your app stops on a breakpoint. The console view helps you to make sure that you haven’t logged anything wrong. When your debugging task completes, then with the same command you can exit area.

  1. Show/Hide Navigator: ⌘0 (Command + 0)

The Navigate panel is located on the left corner, you can hide it with this key and again reappear whenever you desire.

  1. Show/Hide Utilities: ⌥⌘0 (Option + Command + 0)

Utility panel located on the right side and sometimes comes in between your work. So, simply hide it with this command while working and show it again with the same command when you are done.

  1. Find text in Project: ⇧⌘F (Shift + Command + F)

When you want to find specific content in your code, then this is your key.

  1. Show/hide completions: ⎋ (Escape) OR ⌃Space (Control + Space)

By using this command you can get some suggestions from Xcode and it even automatically completes your code.

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