2018 Holds Few New Dynamic Changes For The Gaming Industry


Watch Out For Gaming Industry in 2018

Watch out gamers, as 2018 held few new and some old but refined surprises for you all. The gaming industry is going to show some new shades and even going to enhance the few already prevailing trends. Well, gaming sector has always been the main attraction for the technology lovers as the taste of new technical inventions are always surged from the game development.

Last, year gaming industry has seen reentrance of VR technology and prominent growth in Esport games. So, this year gaming trends are expected to go on the same line, but with more intense growth. Like, there will be undefined growth in the VR gadgets and the new gaming tools can be seen with the tenfold increase in the Esport games.

Overall, there are lots of predictions have been made regarding 2018 gaming trends. So, let’s see more briefly and study what actually to expect from the gaming industry by the fall of 2019.

Ample Growth In Esport Games

Okay, so the world will see more growth in the Esport games. The Esport games are like online tournaments where different players connect together to participate in the game. Thus due to the real-time participation of different players this whole normal video game turns into the full grown-up international level championships.

According to the latest stats, Esport gaming industry will generate revenue of 1.5 million by 2020. That means around 32% growth of the Esport games in the future. Moreover, Internet Trends report released earlier this year by Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker, commented that the new addition of physical games will intensify the Esport games growth even more.

In short, now our next generation prefers to play football, basketball, and cricket in the Esport games. And, this means more business for Esport gaming industry.

Indie Games Will More Intensify

save smiley lco

Well, not everyone likes big blockbuster games, some people prefer short and sweet games also to relax their mind. Thus indie games are gaining tremendous response in the past few years. There are already numerous indiedark ninja games are available and every day new indie games are being uploaded to the internet.

In this league, your favorite LearnCodeOnline has also launched two new sweet and short games. You can Save The Smiles or can go on Ninja Mission for some quick fun.

More VR To See

In 2018, more VR gadgets in the gaming industry can be seen. The industry insiders predict that by 2025 VR industry will grow up to 49 billion. So, in the upcoming years new and high tech VR gadgets are going to make their appearance. The VR gadgets which are already functioning such as Oculus Rift and Google Daydream will be even more improved in the future.

Augmented Reality is bigger and grander, then the VR. AR creates the whole new level of experience for the gamer, where fine line difference between reality and fantasy is challenged. So, thanks to games like Pokémon Go, future of AR seems quite bright.

So, gamers, 2018 and upcoming years holds lots of exciting surprises for you all. That’s why to be prepared for lots more of technology drama in the gaming industry.  

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