3 Facts to Prove that  .NET Framework is Cool Again


The charm of  .NET framework:

Microsoft is the father of technologies that we are experiencing nowadays. Microsoft owner Bill Gates vision and beliefs changed the dimensions of technology in 90’s. The Microsoft has given us numerous tools to play with and create something new. And one of the coolest framework gifted by Microsoft is a .NET framework. This cool framework was introduced in late 90’s, but the charm of this framework is still glowing.

.NET framework is a classic library framework, which offers a silver lining to programmers. The code writing process is very much eased out by  .NET framework. This is a highly independent and virtual language, that helps the programmers in writing codes. But, with the introduction of new frameworks life, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, etc developers interest shifts towards them. But, still, it doesn’t mean that charm of  .NET framework is dulled.

So, today we are going check out the live example of why old is always gold. As  .NET framework might be old, but it has full strength to beat any other modern framework. That’s why we are going to study top three reasons that make a .NET framework so cool.

#1. Microsoft added X-factor to  .NET framework.

Microsoft Developer Network team is constantly working to provide a fully equipped framework to programmers. They are trying to drill  .NET framework with all the latest features that can ease out the life of programmers. The new features such as language integrated query capabilities and better support for asynchronous programming have been introduced in it.

Moreover, two new dynamic frameworks have been launched. .NET Core is launched as crossover platform that can be used for device, cloud and embedded/Internet of Things scenarios. On the other hand, ASP .NET 5 introduced as an open source web framework for building cross-platform web apps. So, Microsoft is investing heavily to this .NET framework and that would be a great reason to adopt this framework.

#2. C# is present in every corner.

.NET framework is loaded with plenty of cool languages. And one of the coolest languages would be C#, which is present everywhere. Numerous sharp programs we are using today, are due to the C# language. Especially, the financial sector programs are developed in C#. Thus need of .NET framework developer is always going to be present in the market. In short, a career as .NET framework developer is very bright and always be in high demand. So, C# will always keep .NET framework rolling.

#3. .NET framework is a bundle of other skills.

Learning .NET framework will surge the adaptation of numerous other skills also. As this framework is the hub of skills and learning it will help you in plenty of ways. Like, C# is pretty much similar to the Swift and Java concepts, so no need to learn them separately. The .net framework also helps in iOS and Android development, so it won’t be wrong to call .NET framework a wholesome package.

Old Touch .NET framework

Well, using an outdated version of .NET framework won’t be effective, but the latest version of the .NET framework is perfect. So, folks who think that .NET framework is old news, well try it yourself, that would be my only reply. So, guys enjoy easy life with .NET framework!

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