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Things iOS App Developer Should Consider

Well, today no one can question the dynamic presence of Apple devices in the market. Maybe in the figures, Android users population is higher in the market, but in the terms of loyalty, no other OS can beat Apple iOS. So, just like Google Play Store, ¬†Apple’s App store is flooded with new and cool apps every day. Currently, around 2.2 million iOS apps are running and this number is increasing very rapidly.

So, we can easily say that iOS app market is currently at its high point. Every successful business requires a decent number of downloads in App Store to sustain. ¬†But, getting downloads in App Store isn’t a cup of tea and required very well researched plan. Well, that’s why we are going to talk about the best methods to get few downloads on iOS apps. So, if you have or planning to have an iOS app of your own, then this article is for you.

#Step 1: Ditch SEO & Adopt ASO

learncodeonline.inWell, SEO needs no introduction and its importance is know by everyone. But, to strength your iOS app popularity instead of SEO you need App Store Optimization. This is quite similar to the SEO, but it’s results are cooler than it. Because 63% of iPhone apps user search their apps via App Store search, which is different than Google Play Store search data. So, to make your iOS app ASO optimized two things must be considered:

  • Title of App. In-App Store title of the app weights very much. The designated keyword of your app must be mentioned in the title. Apple has only given 30 characters limit to write the title of the app. So, it has to be short, unique and able to convey the message of the app.
  • Keywords Field. The next step is to write a brief description of the app and for that only 100 characters are allowed. So, it should be very carefully planned with the accurate utilization of keywords. To select the keywords always remember three things; Relevancy, Difficulty & Traffic Rate. You can use some third-party tools like Sensor Tower or Mobileaction to make your life easier.

#Step 2: Get Some Positive Reviews

A good review has the power to uplift the download rate of your app. Because a new user always likes to read the experience of previous users before making the download. And, the harsh reality here is that dissatisfied user always has time to criticize your hard work. But, on the other hand, satisfied users don’t nudge to offer positive remarks.

So, here you have to encourage your satisfied users to leave a positive review. Ask them to rate your app after some time and when they rate your app good then redirect them to the review page. And, if any user isn’t satisfied with your app, then provide them a private e-mail address to leave their comments. Because guys one negative review can cause you great loss.

#Step 3: Use App Extensions

App extensions is a very cool feature of iOS 8. Where with the App Share Extension user can share content of the app with another app. And, with the App Action Extension, one can execute an action pertaining to your app from within another app and visa versa.

Guys, the first step is one of the most reliable and used methods. So, don’t ignore it and also use other two with it for better results.

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