4 Basic Problems Faced by Modern Era Recruiters


How to hire?

Well, we always assume that getting hired is a tough cookie, but hiring a competent person for a particular job is also a hard task. Because in today’s world where you can get numerous well-qualified candidates within few seconds, but the problem there is to get a well-trained person, not a well-qualified person.

Earlier, recruiting process was very simple, just ask few people and conduct one informal bar meeting and you get the employ. But, with the passage of time nature of the jobs have become complexed and without the recruitment of competent person, the optimum level of perfection can’t be achieved.

And, due to non-availability or sometimes simply not having accurate recruiting skills, results in failure of the big business organizations. So, if you are sailing in the boat where you don’t have the right team with you and you’re on the verge of sinking in the deep ocean of troubles. Then, we might help you today.

After going through different struggles and troubles faced by recruiting agencies, we have accumulated four major problems. These four problems are almost faced by all the modern age recruiters. So, carefully read the solution of these recruitment problems and save your boat from sinking.

Problem 1: The Best Candidates Are Looking Everywhere

Yep, well, this the biggest concern of the recruiting agencies as the best candidates are already exploring different options. As the best candidates know that they are the best and that’s why they want to get a good package.

So, to retain the best talent for your organization, you have a very fine tool called interview. According to research, it is concluded that by conducting the impactful interview session, you can get the attention of the best candidates. Give candidates chance to meet the higher authorities and make them feel comfortable during the interview.

This might seem a simple solution, but it is a highly affected solution for this particular problem.

Problem 2: Too Many Options Available

The competition within the hiring industry is also very strong. Every person wants to work with the high reputed employer, so you have made your strong employer brand to hire good employees. And, for this, you have to clear your purpose and provide options to employees to grow within the organization.

Problem 3: Talented People Are At Few Particular Places

Another problem is that talented people are available at few particular places. So, for that, you should analyze the data to select the area of your employees. LinkedIn’s Talent Pool Reports will show you where the supply for talent exceeds the demand, and therefore are more advantageous places to recruit.

For example, if you are looking for fresh IT college graduates, then India is the best place for that. So, firstly collect the right data before looking for the talented candidates.

Problem 4: Hiring Managers Is Too Picky

From a research conducted by a group of scholars, it is indicated that the relationship of recruiter’s performance with their hiring manager plays a vital role. So, to improve this relationship, healthy communication is the only key here.

Well, these were very common problems faced by recruiters and their very common solutions. So, best of luck for your recruitment process and may you get the competent employ.

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