4 Best Game Engines for Gamers


What is a Game Engine?

Okay, have you ever feel after playing a video game for a long time, that it is missing something. Or you ever have the intensified urge to design your own game, where you can be the King. If yes then, guys you need the magic of game engines. Confused, well let me explain in simpler words, a game engine is a tool which helps in creating dynamic games. With the aid of game engines, you can shape your thoughts into the virtual world.

As we know that making a game isn’t an easy task, it requires numerous hardcore techy skills. But, by using game engines one can make their personal game very efficiently. Game engines make the whole process so easy that even the child can create a game with them. But, to create all this magic you need a fully designed and functional game engine. So, that’s why here we are going to dissect the four best game engines and scale their utility also.

Blastic Best Game Engines for Gaming Nerds:

  1. Unreal

Let’s start our list with the best available option. Unreal is the most popular and used game engine. This is a very easy to use and even beginners can work on this game engine. Numerous cool games have been developed on this engine. The famous Unreal game engine products like Batman, Gears of War, Mass Effect etc.


+ Blueprints makes easy for new bees to start the game.

+ It is packed with plenty of amazing tools.

+ This is totally free game engine. Only pay 5% royalty fee when your game is earning 3000$ per year.

+ Graphics rendering is very fast.


– Learning curves of the engine is a pretty difficult task.

– To fully download the functional Unreal files you have to download 5GB+ files in your system. So, it is a bit space consuming engine.

  1. Unity

Unity is designed especially for newcomers. The wide range of tools and charming functions of Unity are truly amazing. The graphical sharpness and strength of this game engine are very nice. Moreover, all these amazing features are available for free.


+ Easy to work on this engine.

+ Highly sorted documentation & community support.

+ Licensing terms are very clean.

+ Easy to script.

+ Asset store is packed with cool gaming assets.


– When you are working on big games it requires a lot of optimisation.

– Bit expensive, if you are looking firm extra features.

  1. CryEngine

Don’t go by its name as this game engine is very fictional and make you cry in happy tears. The on the spot graphics and fast rendering is very cool.


+ Sensational graphics.

+ High resistance audio quality.

+ Very sharp scripting.


– Restrictive license.

– Documentation is a bit tricky.

– Game development is a hard bull to tame.

  1. HeroEngine

HeroEngine is a game engine designed for online game development purpose. The support offered by this game engine is very nice and helps plenty of features to create an online game.


+ Handy mapping tools and integrated toolset.

+ Scripting is high tech.

+ It comes with cloud storage.

+ It has open-world maps for the help of newcomers.


– This game engine is very expensive.

– Learning curves is the bit difficult for beginners.

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