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Do you want to create your own Android game? If yes, then you must be thinking that to create your own Android game, you have to earn a degree in computer science or android development. Now, that’s not true folks, you can easily learn the process of Android game development with the help of proper guidance.

To help out our readers, we have done some ground research and discovered the different programming platforms where you can learn the Android game development effortlessly. There are plenty of different platforms available online where you can select different Android development courses, but not all of them are helpful.

That’s why we have made the list of five best programming environment which can help you in designing your first android game. But, before enrolling for any of the following courses, you have to download the Android Software Development Kit or SDK.

#1. Udacity

Google has offered us some pretty neat tools and Udacity is one of the best tool provided by Google. Udacity nano degree program offers different valuable courses. For game developers, “Developing Android Apps” is the best course. It is around 60 hours of study material with different levels.

This course is basically designed to teach you different parts of android app development. You can create one highly functional and bug-free app after going through this course. The course comes with some perks as recommended by the intermediate level. As per recommendation, you must have one year of experience in C++, Java or other programming languages.

#2. KiloBolt

This is a free course authorized by James Cho, the lead developer at Kilobolt Studios. In this Android game development course, you can create a game using java and later on learn how to import it to android.

You can select different levels in this course, such as if you have no java experience, then you can select Unit 1 “Beginning Java”. However, if you have experience in Java language, but never had actually created a game, then you can select Units 2 and 3, “Creating a Game I” and “Creating a game II,” respectively.

#3. Futurelearn

Futurelearn is a website which offers different programming related courses. For Android game development, you can enroll in a free course named “Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game.”

This course is designed by the University of Reading. It is a seven-week course for which you have to study for four hours per week. You can also participate in the certificate based competition, but for that, you have to pay money, the, however, the course is completely free.

#4. Android

If you are looking for official help, then you can visit the Android website. Android developers page will teach you all the basic steps to develop your android app. This page will also guide you through how to download and use Android Studio.

This tutorial will be focused on general app development, however, if you want to learn specific android game development, then you might have to use another tutorial mentioned in our list.

#5. Udemy

It is a very good platform to learn new skills online. On Udemy, you might locate some free, cheap and some ultra expensive courses. For Android game creation, you can learn Master Android 7 App Development With Java.

It is approximately 40 hours in length, with 213 lectures. It’s open to all levels, and they iterate several times that no prior programming experience is necessary.

So, you can enroll in any of the above-listed courses to become a famous android game developer. It just depends on your practice and skills in the end, that’s why keep on practicing and one day you will be able to create your own Android game for sure.

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