5 Different Phases of Hacking


Okay, so do you want to know about the Hackers world and how they operate? Of course, you do want to know, but before understanding the different layers of hacking world, we would like to clear one thing; this post is merely to get information so that you can protect your system from the attack of hackers. In this post, we don’t promote or support illegal hacking in any manner.

So, if you are just curious like us and want to unfold different layers of hacking, then let’s study different phases of hacking.

5 Different Phases of Hacking

#1. Reconnaissance

This is the first phase of hacking in which hacker is going to search for all the information related to the target. In this hacker, will collect all the basic information of the target like IP address, DNS records, links related to the target, networks, etc., After collecting the basic information the hacker moves ahead.

Suppose, if hacker want to hack the contact list from a website, then they will collect all information related to the website using a search engine like maltego or can use the tools like HTTP Track to download enumeration list of the website including staff names, position, emails, etc.,

#2. Scanning

In this phase, the hacker will use different tools to scan the data related to the computer IP address, user account and computer name of the target. The tools like dialers, port scanners, network mappers, sweepers, and vulnerability scanners are used to scan the data.

Now, a hacker has all the basic information to attack the target, then the hacker will now try different methods to attack. Like, Kali Linux, Maltego and find an email to contact to see what email server is being used by the target. Hacker uses different methods to test the collected information.

#3. Gain Access

In the third phase, the hacker will try to gain access on the target by formulating the network blueprint. Hacker will use the information collected in phase 1 and phase 2 to create the network blueprints. Hacker has now enumerated and scanned the information of the target so now hacker will calculate a way to gain access.

#4. Maintaining Access

Now, as a hacker has successfully gained access, the next important step is to maintain the hack. Hacker will try to preserve the access for future hacks and attacks so that they can easily access the target whenever they want.

In this case, the owned system is sometimes referred to as a zombie system. Now that the hacker has multiple e-mail accounts, the hacker begins to test the accounts on the domain. They will try to blend in the structure of the website so that they can easily access and retrieve the information of the inner subjects of the site. For this, they might build their admin account on the website as well.

#5. Clearing Evidence

Before the attack, the hacker would hide its IP address run the hacking machine through at least one VPN. They won’t use any direct attack method or noisy scanning techniques to retrieve information. Moreover, they will try to cover all their tracks once they have gained successful access to the site. This way they are trying to protect themselves from getting recognized or being caught.

So, every heckler goes through these five steps before hacking your system. That’s why if you want to protect your system from the attack of hackers, then try setup security system on these steps.

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