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TikTok is a music and video platform created by a Chinese technology company. This app has been a great hit among youngsters and programmers. Even our personal tech guru Hitesh Choudhary has created a YouTube video on how TikTok app has been proving a great tool for programmers.

In China, the app is called as Douyin. The video-sharing app has 150 million active daily users and the global app has three times that many subscribers. But, unfortunately lately Indian government has banned this app because they have recorded people sharing pornography videos via it.

This news has hyped the market of this app and people who aren’t aware ever used this music app, now want to know more about it. Well, if you haven’t used TikTok app, then you must be missing out something, but what?

To know what exactly you are missing out, you have to check out some unknown facts about this controversial app.

#1. TikTok makes very short videos

It is a global community app which makes your every second count. The team of TikTok knows the value of your every second thus they entertain you with short videos. Moreover, they allow their users to create short entertaining videos to capture important events of their life.

But, some of the TikTok users aren’t happy after apps collaboration with Musical.ly, the lip-syncing video social network app that originally launched in 2014 as a prototype and then evolved over the years too, in 2016. So, TikTok bought Musical.ly and merged both apps.

#2. It has globally more than 500 million active users

The platform was only launched in summer 2017 in China and became top downloaded apps in just a few days. According to market research, this was downloaded 45.7 million times of the Apple App Store in just first quarter. The app is today based in Los Angeles and its available globally including London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, and Moscow.

#3. TikTok is on number 2 on iTunes in the photo and video category

On iTunes, TikTok app ranks on number 2 in the category of downloading or video sharing app. This app is currently available in 36 languages and has been rated 12+ as crude humor, sexual content, drug information, and violence can be seen on the app. Moreover, it is a completely free app.

#4. TikTok creators have ten millions of followers

TikTok ads might be creepy, but millions are flocking to the video site to connect with popular users like Loren Gray, the top performer, and YouTuber who was a Teen Choice Award nominee and who recently released her first single on YouTube.

#5. TikTok makes every second count

If you want to get popular in a fraction of seconds, then you have to download the TikTok app. You can record your reaction with the voice and narration and can share with your friends. This app gives you the opportunity to share your beautiful life moments in an innovative way.

TikTok is indeed a cool app, but currently, it is ban in India. So, if you want to try out this app, then you have missed your chance for now. But, we truly hope that this matter gets resolved soon and we can once again watch short entertaining videos.

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