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Web Designing Rules!

If you are planning to start your own website to sell your services and products. Then, you need to remember this thumb rule of internet marketing that web designing is everything for you. Yep, a website is your shop on the internet which represents your thoughts. So, you can’t take chance on that one and for more customers having a perfect website is the must.

The web designing has to be appealing as well as simple so that visitors can easily understand it. Today, there are millions of web designing tools and methods are available, that it is impossible to settle on one rule. So, if you want one elegant and functional website to showcase your talent, then by following these five traits you can get that.

#1. Looks

Everything began on the internet from the looks.  As the first time visitor comes to your website after getting cool looks. The look of your website firstly attracts the users and forces them to explore it. That’s why you need to pay special attention towards the looks of your website. Because the first impression is the last impression. To get the perfect outlook you need takes few things in mind.
Such as the Responsive design, Parallax scrolling, Big, bold fonts, Eye-catching “hero” images, and Multimedia. All these things enhance the appearance of your dull website. Like, by adding quality multimedia in the website content you can make it more interesting and understandable.

#2. Personal touch

People love some personal touch on the websites as they felt more connected with you. In the online trading you can’t personally interact with the customers, so adding something personal will helps customers to better understand you. Like, adding about us page, where you can share motive and purpose of your website. You can add your image and pictures of your staff to spike up the interest of users. This way customers can better judge your business before making any purchase.

#3. Simple & Clear

The design of the website has to be simple yet clear, that any amateur can understand it. The content should be presented in a readable manner and navigation setup needs to be clean. Such as, use drop down menu so that users can easily scroll down to the bottom of the website with the help of mouse. Try to make visuals and graphics minimal. By doing some of these things you can design one simple and clean website.

#4. Loading Time

The loading time plays the very vital role in the success of the website. The Google ranking of your website also depends on the loading speed. So, to increase the loading time of website you can Optimize image sizes, Remove auto-play multimedia or can Use white space. As the interest of user highly depends upon how fast your website loads.

#5. Conversion

Well, conversion is the most important part of the online business and no business can survive without it. Web design can impact conversions in a thousand different ways, and they’re all important, but these three are some of the most impactful: Color, KISS principle and Faces.

So, these are the dynamic 5 rules to convert your website into money generating tool.

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