5 Insanely Common Examples of React Native Apps


React Native Apps Without Which You Can’t Survive

Well, we all have almost few common and addictive mobile apps on our smartphones. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Android device or iOS gadgets some apps got a permanent place on our devices. And, this all has been possible due to one charming technology called React Native. This technology has made possible for both iOS and Android users to enjoy similar apps together.

With the Facebook’s Hackathon project in 2013, React Native apps got popularity. In 2015 Facebook made this technology available for the world on Github. Since React Native availability over Github, it has created few records. React Native has got 1,408 contributors on Github. They have committed 11,414 times in 63 branches with 203 releases on Github.

Wow, right React Native has eased out the life of app developers as now they can create both iOS and Android apps with one tool. This technology has influenced numerous famous brands and they have created their apps using React Native technology also. These apps are insanely common and are currently available on your smart devices.

#1. Facebook Ads Manager

This is the first React Native app designed by the Facebook. The JavaScript used in the app enables a difference in ad formats, date formats, currencies, time zones etc. Moreover, the app has a clean user interface and easy navigation. This app is the true inspiration for the app developers. That’s why the latest React Native course of the LearnCodeOnline.in revolves around the JavaScript framework also.

#2. Instagram

Instagram app has been the paradise for the selfie-takers. That’s the Instagram app is also shifted towards the React Native technology. To provide the user-friendly experience for both iOS and Android users, app developers trusted the React Native technology.

#3. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is the ultimate collection of financial and global news. The app developers recently shifted their app to React Native and saved their lots of resources. Because earlier Bloomberg developers have to separately design updates for the Android and iOS users. But, with the React Native now they can update cross platform easily.

#4. Airbnb

Yet another significant app that works on the React Native. According to the apps, official team statement, daily 60 app developers works in bringing out the best results from the React Native. Which is competitively low from their earlier task force, thus they have saved multiple sources by using React Native.

#5. Myntra

Myntra mobile app is the optimum example of how shopping app should work. Like, easy navigation setup and simple browsing features. A myntra app is the beautiful presentation of catalogs, profiles, order placement etc. And, for all this credit goes to the React Native.

#React Native Is The Best

React Native is a super amazing app development technology and these five top brands are its live example. So, it would be correct to say that next few years are solely going to be dedicated to the app development. That’s why for new app developers it is necessary to learn React Native for their survival. So, to quickly clean React Native based app development immediately enroll for the React Native course at the LearnCodeOnline.in website.

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