5 Myths about your Website’s Traffic Rate


Increasing Website’s Traffic Is A Complexed Task

Okay, so if you are into website designing and managing, then your number one concern is driving traffic to your site. Well, there are plenty of suggestions and tools available online to increase the traffic rate of your website.

But, guys these tools merely tells you about the metrics of your site. Nothing else isn’t shared by these website analytic tools, apart from basic traffic rate. Whereas website traffic increasing rate theory has multiple dimensions in it. The dimensions which are not discussed by the web managers. So, in this post, we will try to erase curtain from few unknown myths of website traffic generating policy.

Myths To Avoid While Increasing Your Website’s Traffic Rate

#1. Traffic Is The Most Vital Part Of Website

Yep, this is the biggest myth that every website owner believes in. Every website owner believes that the success of their website depends upon the higher rate of traffic. Guys, the high traffic rate is good, but before that, you have to make sure the authenticity of traffic.

Suppose, someone visits your site and then immediately goes back, then this isn’t your traffic rate. It will describe as bounce rate, where the visitor may have reached your site, but haven’t found it worth able to stay more. So, guys, don’t let these tempered figures mislead you because to get real traffic idea, you have to understand the needs of your bouncing users. And, that’s only possible if you carefully analyze your website’s data.

#2. Website Metrics Doesn’t Matter

Well, numerous website owners don’t pay attention towards the metrics of their website. If they are getting desired leads and revenue, then they are happy with the way it goes. But, guys this is your biggest mistake.

It’s good that your site has high traffic rate, but your all visitors are not your potential buyers. So, they are nothing for you, only a mere numbers. That’s why pay attention to the metrics of your website like bounce rate and conversion rate for the better future.

#3. SEO Can Do Magic In Overnight

SEO is a very nice way to increase your site’s traffic rate. But, if you believe that SEO will solve your all problems in overnight, then my friend you need some reality check. SEO is the best way to generate organic traffic, but it takes around six months time to show it’s real magic. So, don’t assume that SEO will immediately show results.

#4. Organic Traffic Is Better Than Paid Traffic

Okay, this is true that organic traffic is always considered better than the paid traffic. But, it doesn’t mean that paid traffic isn’t great. Because organic traffic is totally in the hands of fate, but whereas paid traffic is in your own hands. So, getting some paid response from your website is not at all bad.

#5. Increasing Traffic Rate Is Free

Yep, nothing comes free these days people, an online business may be cost-effective, but it isn’t free. The price of PPC ads is relatively simple to understand, but even if you focus your efforts on SEO and content, there are still costs associated. Even if you are doing all work yourself, but still you are investing your time. So, hence nothing is free.

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