5 Programming Books to Read in the Upcoming Year


Books are our best friends, they give us immense knowledge and a new perspective to think, in return of nothing. So, if you are a programmer and constantly seeking good resources to amplify your knowledge, then you definitely get hang of some good programming books.

Well, if you are thinking that why to purchase programming books when everything is available online. You see folks, you might find different things online about programming and also search for the different concept of coding, but you can’t compare it with the amount of knowledge that you will get from the books.

However, guys not all the programming books available in the market are same and good. Out of the so many books, only handpicked books are worth your time as there are plenty of useless books are present in the market. But, after going through different blogs and reviews, we have compiled the list of top 5 programming books that you definitely should read.

#1. Working Effectively with Legacy Code

By Michael C. Feathers

Sometimes working with the legacy code can be an annoying task, but if you have read Working Effectively with Legacy Code By Michael C. Feathers, then you are good. This programming book focuses on the introduction of the testing legacy codes to optimization strategies. You can cover all the basics of legacy coding in this book.

#2. Eloquent Javascript

By Marijn Haverbeke

If you want to up notch your JavaScript knowledge bank, then this book is for you. Eloquent Javascript is well-structured JavaScript book developed to address core issue by Marijn Haverbeke. The book offers introductory to the complex JavaScript topics with the ease. For the beginners and experienced developers, this book is going to be very useful on every front. If you want to expand your JavaScript knowledge, then you have to read this book today.

#3. The Algorithm Design Manual

By Steven S Skiena

Have you ever stuck in the tricky algorithms? If yes, then this programming book will help you in addressing all these issues. You can dive deep into the structure of algorithms with this book and can even provide alternative approaches and solutions for different algorithms. After reading this book, you can develop new skills to solve the problems and can sharpen your skills as the advance developer also.

#4. Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide for programmers and other curious people

By Aditya Bhargava

Novice programmers can lay a solid foundation with Grokking Algorithms. This book is created as an illustrated guide to provide different challenges to enhance your level of skills. The book will give you different challenges to apply algorithms in practical problems and use them to sharpen your basic python skills as well.

#5. Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

By Charles Petzold

This programming book is endorsed by Microsoft itself and is recommended by numerous developers. In this book, the code provides a distinctive perspective and computer science in the new light has been published. With Code, you can understand the magic behind your favorite programming languages and unveil different mysteries of programming languages.

So, folks to enlarge your knowledge hub and understand the different concepts of the programming languages, you definitely you order these programming books today!

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