5 reasons to learn linux and boost your career


1. Linux jobs are hotter then ever.

According to the survey by Linux foundation, eighty percent of IT companies that use Linux are making hiring Linux professionals a priority. Also the existence of Linux is very vast now. Whether you wish to become a network admin, server administrator, pentester security auditor or if you wish to manage the cloud computing – Linux is everywhere these days. Even google has a goobuntu version of linux for his own employees.

2. Comes free of cost

Linux comes free of cost that means you don’t have to pay anything like you pay for window’s operating system. So, if you wish to open a company with 50 employees then you need 50 copies of windows which will cost you a lot of money but if your employees are friendly with linux then you can have a great cost cutting in your budget as a company’s owner.

 3. Open source and it is light weight.

The operating system is free to use and everyone has the freedom to contribute to its development. This co-operative development model means that everyone can benefit.

Linux is also known for the best performance in low hardware configuration, even in just 2 GB of ram Linux will work smoothly.

 4. More reliable and less vulnerable

Undoubtedly windows still dominates the computer world but due to the large amount of audience on windows and as we are witness of eternal blue, wanna cry etc. vulnerability because a lot of service ports are opened in windows OS but it doesn’t happens with Linux so it is more secure, more reliable and less vulnerable.

5. No need of antivirus

Due to the strict file permission structure in Linux, you don’t need any antivirus in Linux. Most of the file comes up with 755 permission and we can even change the permission in Linux by chmod command. So, it has a very strict file security architecture which is a reason for no need of antivirus required in Linux.



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