5 Reasons That’ll Make You Believe in JavaScript


JavaScript is a programming language which doesn’t require any introduction or explanation. That’s because today JavaScript is ruling the world and present everywhere. This language is a drug which is an addiction to today’s web developers. It’s because the user needs the website which flows perfectly, respond to them and even has the special X factor to wow them.

And, lovely JavaScript is offering the same thing to the developers. This programming language doesn’t offer you lucrative tools to create awesome web pages but does in a feverishly awesome manner which can’t be beaten by any other programming language.

So, we thought why not compile some reasons for our readers to make their belief in JavaScript stronger. If you are looking a reason to believe in this language, then let’s study the five of them;

#1. It’s everywhere

So, yeah, on the web everywhere you will locate a part or shades of this language everywhere. Not, only new web-based companies are using it to create their web-based applications, but the old big bullies of the web world are adopting it. The big tech giants like Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, etc., are not only adopting JavaScript, but they are taking risk of rewriting their applications in it. Imagine the power of this giant programming language which is forcing popular web companies to invest huge money in it and risking their performance.

#2. It’s flexible

This language isn’t applicable to the front-end development, no it can offer a great amount of performance and scalability to the back-end developers as well. The event-driven architectural structure of the language makes it more flexible as compared to the other programming languages. It makes the process of transferring from back end to front end super easy for the developers.

The easy to adopt feature of JavaScript makes it a favorite language for the developers. It can provide you with great interactions on the front end, asynchronous operations, and is not bound to any browser or operating system. Its possibilities are endless due to this dynamic and adaptable nature.

#3. Easy to learn

If you are a beginner and want to master in this popular language, then you won’t have to stress much. To learn the mystic syntax of the JavaScript, you only required to learn text editor and web browser. Sometimes you might have to tackle the HTML and CSS, but apart from this, there is nothing complicated in the language. So, if you want to learn this web language, then with little basic knowledge you can easily become pro in it.

#4. Mountainous community

This language has been part of web circle for a pretty long time now. That’s why the JavaScript community is large and like one happy which is always happy to help each other. The community is active on different forums and social media platform where new ways to solve the particular problem has been daily shared among the members. Moreover, the study material and resources available online for this language is enormous which makes the whole learning process hell a lot easier and fun.

#5. It’s popular

Today, if you want to grab a job position of a web developer in a reputed IT firm, then you have to deliver the good JavaScript skills in your job interview. Because every firm is looking for the person who is skillfully trained in the tweaks of this language. If you check out the online job boards, then the demand of JavaScript developers can be observed there.

So, people, if you are going to learn the programming language which is highly popular, sustainable, scalable, easy to adopt and in short, is everywhere all around the globe, then you know the name. However, if you still want a name, then in big bold letters the name is going to be JavaScript any day.

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