5 Signs of bad POS Technology


Our today’s blog post will be very helpful for people who are working in the restaurant industry or developing software systems for the retail industry as today we are going to talk about POS software. Point of Sale technology aka POS technology in hospitality brand management determines how well your system can adapt new changes. POS is the main hub of factors like sale, inventory and other operational factors. To provide an outstanding experience to your guests and keep the operational momentum going on, you need to use the perfect POS technology.

However, not every POS is great, so if you want to enjoy the competitive advantages of this technology, then you have to locate its bad signs and eliminate them. Well, if you don’t know whether your POS system is good or bad for your business, then let’s look for these signs.

Signs of Bad POS

Real-time synch

If your POS isn’t synched with your back office tools in real time, then this will cost you more and it’s the trait of bad POS. The information which you are retrieving from your POS system serves as the base of your sales report, spend report and stock information in real time. That’s why you need data related to inventory, food cost and labor cost in real time so that you can create an effects budget.

Outdated hardware

When your POS is based on proprietary or legacy hardware, then it becomes impossible for you to stay ahead with the time. So, to be ahead of technology, you required the latest hardware system, that’s why if your POS is depending on outdated hardware, then that’s bad for you.

Synch with latest payment portals

With the evaluation of digital technology, payment methods have been changed dramatically. So, if your POS isn’t competent enough to handle lastest payment methods, then this is a bad sign. The main aim of hospitality brands is to offer services which their customers want, so if your customers want the latest technologies in their lives like mobile payments, then you have to give them that.

Your POS technology is vulnerable to cyber attacks

According to a report generated this year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, data attacks through POS systems in hotels, restaurants, and food services are notoriously common. But, due to the advancements made in the security protocols, it is easy to protect sensitive and private information. However, POS technology is still being attacked by numerous external factors.

If you want to protect your business from the external vulnerabilities, then you have to use the latest POS technology which can provide you an optimum level of security. Your point of sales software must have PA DSS compliant with payment partner who held to strict standards to avoid any breach.

Your system doesn’t support for outages and terminal failure

Well, outages and hardware issues are common as no system is perfect. But, you have to ask this question; Can your POS serve guests when an outage fails or can your system have the functionality to cover for the time when terminals go down? If no, then this is a sign of bad POS technology which needs to be replaced asap.

So, if you want to run your hospitality brand with ease, then you have to spot all these bad signs and eliminate them immediately. That’s why get the latest POS technology installed today and don’t forget to update your system regularly.

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