5 Step Action Plan To Be A Developer Without Degree


Anyone Can Become Developer

Okay, so today we are going to shed some light on the process of becoming a programmer. So, first, let’s understand what is a programmer and what is the role of a programmer? Well, the programmer can be categorized in three different ways;

  • The programmer can be a person who barely has knowledge or experience in the programming field.
  • Next, comes the real programmer who has the first-hand experience in coding and has depth knowledge of solving the complexed problems.
  • Lastly, comes the community of programmers who write code just for the sake of pleasure.

In all three categories, there are no such perks to have a degree from any college or institution to show your talent required. It’s all about your passion and skill that makes you a good coder. As we closely observe today’s IT sector, then you will see professional degree holders and non-degree holders working together on the same project. The big tech hubs like Google also justifying the fact.  

Google’s head of people operations said that “proportion of people without any college education at Google has increased over time” — now as high as 14 percent on some teams!”

So, guys, it’s clear that to be a successful programmer, you don’t need a college degree, but still, you need to work harder than any college student to nourish your skills. Now, programmers as you don’t have any place to learn to programme, that means you have to set your own syllabus to be a programmer. You can start your journey with the following five steps;

Step 1: Enjoy Your Work

Guys, your passion and craze of creating the dynamic program which no one ever has seen, is what makes you different from all the computer science degree holders. As those people have studied the computer whereas you have enjoyed it. If coding and solving problems give you happiness and relax your mind, then that’s your college degree. Practically, when you go for a developers job interview, then there they want to see the person who has passion, not someone with a bundle of degrees. So, if you are enjoying your work, then you are a Developer.

Step 2: Choose Your Path Carefully

It often observed that aspiring developers learn programming languages which are trending in the market. Now, that’s wrong people as trends are always changing. So, learn the language which suits your interests and gives you pleasure in working. Like, if have an interest in opting database management system (DBMS), but you end up learning JavaScript as it’s trending. Then, trust us after one point you will regret it and get fed up with your work.  So, choose a career path that matches your interest.

Step 3: Join Community

Today programmers community is very large, there are different forums, groups and open repositories available where programmers can connect with each other. By interacting with other programmers, you can learn new things, share each other’s problems and even motivate yourself. So, befriend other programmers.

Step 4: Improve Your Skills

Being a programmer is a constantly learning job. Today’s companies want their employees to be trained in all the latest technologies. Generally, the base of all the programming languages is the same so you don’t have to work hard to learn new technology that’s why to try to expand your knowledge by learning new languages. Because just focusing on one thing isn’t today’s world, you have tried everything and have to learn everything to survive.

Step 5: Freelance

Freelancing is one of the important tools to enhance your skills plus this gives you income as well. So, by being a freelancer learning and income goes side by side. Now, that’s a cool way to improve your skills developers.

Well, readers through this article we don’t suggest that taking a degree in computer science is the wrong thing. No, we are saying that if you are passionate about programming, then only take a degree in it and on the contrary, if you are not able to get a degree in computer science than it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a programmer.  


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