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Time is a valuable resource – it is a limited resource which we cannot increase or rewind. We have to adjust all our daily activities in the limited hours of a day. That’s why if you want to find success in your life, then you have to learn the art of time management.

To achieve excellence in your life, you have to utilize every second in a properly managed manner. Ineffective time management can delay your business projects or can affect your personal life as well. However, today we have apps for everything, from ordering food to checking bank statements, apps can do anything. So, to keep a tab on your time and to master in the art of time management, you can also use the app.

There are various time management apps available, but the most trusted 5 apps to manage time are;

#1. Toggl

Using the Toggl app, you can track the time spent on tasks, you can even manually add entries in it. This app can organize your entries by team, client or project, you can add extra notes to recall what you have to do later.

You can collaborate all your team members by inviting them to your project and record time of everyone in one place. The brief report will let you know your which team member has spent more time on work. Toggl is available on iOS, Android and MacBook. It is available in free and premium versions both.

#2. Workflow

It is a very customizable app which helps you in saving time by putting off complicated things that you have to do daily. By using Workflow, you can create a shortcut button on your smartphone’s home screen they will perform a bunch of tasks with one click. It can boost several quick actions by integrating with apps like Facebook, über, YouTube, Google Maps, etc., Workflow is a free time management app for iOS users only.

#3. Shift

It is a desktop-based tool which primarily focuses on organizing emails. Shift is very helpful for a person who has multiple email accounts. The basic idea behind the app is to shift from one account to another without logging out or logging in again and again. Moreover, this app can be integrated with apps like Trello, Calendly, and even Airbnb. It is available for free on MacBook, you can further upgrade to pro version.

#4. RescueTime

This is a simple time tracking app that records where and how you spend your time. This app analysis everything you have done in a day like which app or website you have to spend time on. If you want to remove distractions from your life and want to spend time on productive work, then you have to get RescueTime. RescueTime is available for iOS and Android; OS X, Windows, and Linux. RescueTime Lite is free, or you can pay $9/month.

#5. Timely

This is an innovative time tracking and schedule management app. Timely not only tell you how much time you have spent on a project but also suggests ideas to organize your workflow more professionally. The app will show you the work that you have to in the upcoming week with time estimation that you need to complete it. You will be to compare your predictions with how long it will actually take you to complete the project a few this way you can plan your future in the better way. It is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

You can be more organized in your life by adopting these top five time management apps. So, be productive and effective in your professional as well as personal life with the perfect time management system.

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