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Well, we can’t deny today one fact that everyone today has a Gmail email account. Gmail has given so many good features and security features to the web users that they are looking forward to using it. If you are using the Android device, then you must know that Gmail android app isn’t bad to use, but it can be bit shock for you if you have been using other email service provider before.

If you are returning back to the Gmail Android app or has been using it for the ages, soon you are going to see numerous hidden features of Gmail app. Guys, Gmail has some nice and useful hidden features which we being the regular Gmail user don’t know. So, in this post, we are going to learn about all the hidden features of the Gmail Android app one by one.

#1. Advanced email commands

When you open the Gmail Android app email compose screen, then you will come to see quite a barren page. By clicking on the white space, you can compose your email, but it’s pretty basic. So, if you want to add a little formatting to your text like bold, italics or underline, then you don’t have to do much, just tap the screen and press “Format”.

Volla, all the advance formatting commands appear on your screen to style your text the way you want to.
You can style any part of the text and even you can clear all existing text formatting with the single flick. Isn’t it pretty cool?

#2. Custom swipe

Ever wish to have a quick way to snooze messages from your inbox or ever quickly want to mark messages unread? If yes, then the Gmail Android app has made it possible for you in a swift manner. For this open settings in your Android app from the three line menu present on the left corner. Then, tap on the ‘General settings’ and after that on ‘Swipe actions’. Here, you can quickly configure your action by associating the swiping gesture to the emails.
You can easily swipe right and left any email present in your inbox to configure it. With this custom swipe feature, you can configure and manage your inbox swiftly.

#3. Promotional tab

The Gmail Android app’s Promotions tab is both a blessing and a curse. It is good because it sorts all the promotional ads according to your taste. However, this also a curse because sometimes Gmail understands all wrong and starts prioritizing the irrelevant promotional ads. So, if you are annoyed by this of Gmail, then you can easily change settings to chronological. For this tap on ‘settings’, then tap ‘inbox categories’. Scroll down and uncheck the option named “Enable Bundling of Top Email”.

#4. Push inbox

Well, if the nudge feature of the Gmail Android app is bugging you to reply to the unwanted emails in your inbox, then you can easily shush this feature. For this go back to the app settings and click on the google account. Scroll down and tap on “Reply and follow up”, then uncheck the two options “Suggest emails to reply to” and “Suggest emails to follow up on.”

#5. Selective notifications

Well, email notifications are good when you are working, but when you are relaxing than the sound of email alert notifications is simply annoying. So, just shush all the email notifications when you don’t want to get disturbed. You can visit the app settings and then to the “Notifications”. Here, you can pick out high priority email addresses which you can’t miss.

So, here are the five interest features of your Gmail Android app which you can easily activate and deactivate as per yours. Hope, you learned something new about your Gmail account from our article.

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