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Spice up your Google ranking

When Google showcase your website on the top of search result, then that is a eureka moment for a website owner. Because today you might get anything you wish for, but getting desirable Google ranking is neck to impossible. Mostly, because Google changes its ranking algorithm 500 times a year and moreover Google’s paid advertisement has eaten the value of our hard work.

And, luck by chance if after crossing the lots of hurdles, you are available to get top Google ranking, then it’s hard to maintain that rank for a long time. As your competitor is just behind you and ready to snatch your position. But, unfortunately, there isn’t any definite way to get top Google ranking. It depends 90% on hard work and 10% on fate. That’s why you guys can start hard work policy in the following below mentioned directions and leave rest in the hands of fate.

#1. Channelize your votes

Okay, you need higher votes to rank top in the Google ranking chart, but the voting system here works pretty differently. Like, Google will assume http://www.learncodeonline.com and http://www.learncodeonline.com two different parties. And, this will divide your vote share, so the solution to this common problem is to tell Google that you want all the votes from http://www.www.learncodeonline.com to be counted towards http://www.learncodeonline.com.

#2. Real & Authentic testimonials

To enhance the authenticity and reliability of your business website try to include customers testimonials to it. As the first time customers always like to read previous customers experiences before making any decision. And, Google always considers websites with testimonials more as compared to websites without them. So, this might help to shift your Google ranking one slot up.

#3. Right Keywords

This is the most important and commonly known Google ranking strategy. As Google is keywords oriented search engine, so by using significant keywords in your website can help you to next level. But, unfortunately, half of the websites are not linked to the right keywords. That’s why to use Google Analyst tool to check the depth of keywords before tagging them to your website for better Google ranking.

#4. Locate Reference Links

You need to closely monitor the reference links where your website’s link has been mentioned. For that, you can take the help of Google Alert app, which will notify you by e-mail whenever your website link is mentioned in another web post. This trick will help you to get in touch with reference websites and draw some traffic from them as well.

#5. Shocking Deals

Always try to offer shocking deals on your website which has the power to stick in the viewer’s mind. Like, offer products for $1 or $200,000 Christmas dinner menu. The number should be either too low or high according to the user’s expectations.

#6. Organize Photo Contest

Images attract lots of attention these days, so organize a photo contest on your website and encourage people to post images with your products. You can post these images on your Pinterest or Instagram account. Then use Google reverse image search to find other websites that use your images and get more backlinks.

Well, folks try these six smashing Google ranking strategies and get top position for your website on Google box office. Best of luck!

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