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Let’s Be Speedy Webies

Okay, now we might seem like an old broken record which keeps on playing the same track. But, guys, now don’t be bored because we have covered the topic of website speed numerous times and always an emphasis on the role of high website speed.  So, again in this post, we will study the importance of Web load time. As speed is an oxygen for your website, so speed is a survival factor.

And, if you haven’t yet worked on improving the load time of your website, then study the report submitted by Aberdeen Group. Which clearly states that 1-second delay in page load can cause you lose of customers. The report also highlights that a 1-second delay in page load time yields 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.

Moreover, the final nail in the coffin is added by Amazon, saying that they improve their website speed after every 100 milliseconds which results in 1% increase in the revenue. So, your website speed is directly proportionate to the number of visitors you receives. That’s why compromising with speed means compromising with your profit and the success.

So, like always, we would like to share some hacks on which you can immediately work to improve the speed of your website. Now, move your lazy bum and start working on these Web Speed Enhancing Hacks:

#1. Let’s Optimize Your Images

Foremost, you need to focus on the size of your website images. As mainly images are responsible for the downloadable account time of your website. So, make sure to fully optimize your images. Especially, for e-commerce platforms where products are sold on the basis of images, optimization of images is vital.

Optimization of images means reducing the file size in such manner that in which your features of the images won’t get affected. You can format and edit images in plenty of different ways where their original quality won’t get affected. For this task number of photo editing tools are available in the market.

#2. Adopt CDN

The benefit of using Content Delivery Network is that it takes the static files from your websites like CSS, images and JavaScript, and delivery it to the nearest web server. So, when the proxy server is reduced, then this will help you in increasing the web speed.

Another benefit of CDN is that by offloading the bandwidth you also have the less chance of downtime. So, having CDN is always a good option. The proactive CDN available in the market are AWS CloudFront, Fastly, or Cloudflare.

#3. Cache Your Site

Caching is a temporary mechanism of storing web page in the web browser to enhance load time and performance. Cache storage will frequently load the website for the user if nothing has changed during the last visit. Enabling cache storage for web browser will help your visitors to reach your page fast.

#4. Compress Your Website

To reduce the latency and improve the performance of your website, compress your website files. You can use Gzip to compress all your files into the zip file. Which makes it quick for a web server to load the zipped file and it will your website load timeless.

#5. Use Less Codes

It is important to shorten the codes used in website designing. It means you should use less HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code files in the website. For example, if in your mobile site you are using 5 different JavaScript , then your browser will send 5 different HTTP requests. So, reduce this time load stream your all JavaScript files in one streamline.

#6. Review Your Web Hosting

Another very simple hack to improve your website speed would be reviewing the web hosting plan. Constantly review and update the web hosting plan of your site to make sure that your company is offering you all the services. And, if you are not satisfied with your current plan, then you should immediately upgrade it.

#7. Don’t Go Overboard With Ads

We know generating revenue via ads is one of the major source for web owners. But, don’t jam your website with too much ads as this might leaves negative remark on your website speed. Too much of this can lead to high bounce rates and will adversely impact your overall website performance.

Speed Is King

So, people, until you won’t mark this fact in your life with permanent marker we will keep on reminding you. That’s why never let your website speed goes down to 3 seconds at any cost.

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