7 Uncommon and Unknown Facts about Linux


Do you know Linux?

Linux or some might recognize as GNU, is a super cool operating system. The system is inspired by the UNIX and has gained a huge fan following for itself. The giant fans of Linux include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, and numerous other big names.

It is hard to evaluate the accurate number of desktop Linux users. As numerous people are using third party Linux system also. But, still, for the large mass of population Linux is a big mystery and they have numerous assumptions about it.

So, to unveil the Linux mystery plenty of users are installing the Linux system. And, almost every person is loving and enjoying this operating system. ┬áThat’s why to help you guys to better enjoy the Linux features, we have few unknown and uncommon Linux facts to share with you all.

#1. Linux Name Wasn’t First Choice

Well, Linux directory is not the first name selected by Linux Torvalds. He wanted to name his kernel “Freax”. The word is the combination of two words ” freak” and “free”, the letter X in the last represents the UNIX. But, fortunately, when the initial code was uploaded to an FTP server, the server administrator (Ari Lemmke) didn’t like the name Freax. So, he suggested the name Linux, thank God for that!

#2. Linux Is A Kernel

Yes, people Linux isn’t a full operating system, it is merely a kernel used in whole GNU system. Actually, since 1984, GNU is trying to design the full operating system but unfortunately doesn’t able to create one wholesome system. So, that’s why they used Linux kernel to create an operating system.

#3. 90% of Linux Codes Are Designed By Different Programmers

In the short duration of time Linux has a very popular operating system and adopted by various developers. Torvalds has only created 10,000 lines code, but today many million Linux codes are available. And, all these codes are developed by programmers of different countries and regions. According to one rough estimate around 10000 programmers have contributed in creating Linux codes.

#4. Microsoft Contributed Towards Linux Development

Oh, yeah, even the Microsoft has contributed towards the development of Linux kernel. Well, the motive behind Microsoft contribution is not to develop Linux as the kernel, but to get better support of Hyper-V hypervisor on Linux. But, anyway, Microsoft, Red Hat and even Intel have contributed to Linux kernel development for their own selfish reasons.

#5. Super Computer Uses Linux

More than 90% of super computer’s are today using Linux. In the beginning, the number was very less, but after almost 17 years, 90% of super computer’s are working on Linux.

#6. MINIX Inspired Linus Torvalds

MINIX is a very popular system designed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum. The system was quite similar to the UNIX. And, this system inspires Linus Torvalds to design Linux.

#7. Linux Was Initially Compiled Using GNU C Compiler

Richard Stallman was the man behind starting GNU and GNU C compiler. Without him, it would have been difficult to create GNU C compiler. If you see the Linux History mailing list, you will get to know that Linux was initially compiled using GNU C compiler version 1.40 on Minix operating system.

Well, the market is full of the unknown Linux facts, but in our limited schedule today we will be only able to share 7 Linux facts. But, stay tuned with us for more #linuxfacts.

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