7 Worst Mistakes Advanced WordPress Developers Make


WordPress site is the Popular platform:

Well, as we have discussed on many previous occasions that WordPress is very easy and simple way to start a website. That’s why due to the easy functioning of WordPress number developers opt WordPress help to create their site. WordPress may be simple, but it still required some high-level developers skill to enhance its performance. And somehow developers forget that and they leave everything on WordPress. Well, folks WordPress isn’t any magic, it is a mere easy way to run a website, but it still required good coding. So, here we are going to discuss some worst mistakes advanced WordPress developers make. So, let’s look at these mistakes and try to rectify them, dear developers.  

Super 7 Mistakes of WordPress Developers Career:

  1. Using too common Variable name

    When as a developer you are looking for a plugin to start a website, it has to be unique. As using the same variable name as someone else will cause a problem in coding and functioning of the site. To select the unique variable name using name convention will help to get a unique variable name. This is also useful when lots of plugins are running together and makes easy to extract information from them.

  2. Use WordPress core to full potential

    WordPress has numerous regular updated libraries that can be called plugins, it is very important for developers to use WordPress core functions to their full capacity. WordPress themes and plugins that had files in their assets directory that were already in the WordPress core files (e.g., jQuery or Color Picker).

  3. Don’t edit WordPress theme

    Editing already existing WordPress theme through filter and alterations is a bad idea.  As this might result in lost of coding and you have to redo everything. Unless you are involved in the coding of theme, don’t try to change it. That’s why creating a child theme of parent theme is more suitable.  

  4. Writing PHP code without paying attention to caches

    This very common PHP mistake that numerous developers do. The developers have a habit of implementing PHP snippets into themes and plugins that are only valid if the PHP code is triggered all the time. But, if client installs a plugin that caches the page, then whole PHP coding goes to vain.

  5. Not tracking version control  

    When you are working on child theme or custom plugin then it is very important to tracking control system. Like, Git, that keeps a record of every change made developer in theme and keep proper track of changes, so that developers can anytime look back to rectify their mistakes.

  6. Enqueuing CSS and JavaScript Files

    Using too much HTTP requests makes the overall speed of website slow and also impacts the Google ranking of the website. This can also cause conflicts between plugins to inflect JavaScript errors. So, to avoid that use two or one plugins should be used, such as the jQuery library. jQuery is very commonly loaded on live websites multiple times. This probably happens due to poorly written plugins or themes.

  7. Using Right Architecture

    Depending on the size and nature of plugins, coding of WordPress site should be Architecture. If your website is single purpose then no need to use complex codes, but if it has a bigger scope then using Objected Oriented Programming (OOP) coding approach is perfect.

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