How to add a Favicon to your Website




What is a Favicon ?

Favicon stands for ‘Favourite Icon’. Favicons are 16 x 16 pixel icons that were placed to the left of website’s title in browser window.

Why add Favicon ?

When a user has opened various tabs in his browser then these favourite icons(Favicons) helps him to find out a particular website easily.

How to add a Favicon ?

Let me tell you step by step that how to add a favicon to your website.

Step 1.  First go to .



Step 2. Register there.


Step 3. Now you have three ways to get favicon.

                First, you can import a image of your choice and convert it into favicon.
               Second, you can search for favicons. As there are some pre-generated favicons available that can suit your website.
                  Third, you can yourself generate a favicon according to your need by adding colors to that middle 16 x 16 field.


Step 4. Now you can download your favicon.

By clicking on ‘Download Favicon’ button.


Now you might be thinking that it’s easy to create favicon but how to implement it in code.

For adding favicon you have to add the below link in your head tag-

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”” type=”image/x-icon” />

In ‘href’ attribute just add the location/path of your favicon and that’s it, You have successfully added your favicon.


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