Advantage of Twitter’s 280 Characters Limit To Marketers

More Characters To Express your Opinion

Well, from its start in 2006, Twitter has established a remarkable benchmark in the field of microblogging. The Twitter has given its users platform to express their opinion on trending topics in short message. In the Twitter post, one can narrate their thoughts in strict character limit of 140 characters. That's the whole purpose of Twitter to share your thoughts in a narrative manner. But, later in the month of September Twitter has expanded their character limit up to 280 characters.

This change has been developed to provide more room for the users to express their feelings and take more benefits from Twitter. And, Twitter has also cited that this change will remove the language barrier also. As people who use the Japanese language can express their message in fewer characters as compared to the folks using English language. According to data, Japanese-speaking users only hit the character limit 0.4% of the time, while English-speaking users utilize the full 140 characters 9% of the time.

So, this increased in character limit is good for the English speaking Twitter users. But, this change leads social media marketers to revamp their Twitter policy. With the increase in the number of characters, marketers need to enhance their promotional plan to take advantage of double space. So, here in this post, we will see how these extra characters make marketers life easy.

#1. More Spacing More Words.

Well, if you have run the ad campaign on the Twitter, then you might be familiar with the problem of word crunching. That how you have to mule over your campaign to shorten its word count to fit it in character limit. And, to do that you have to remove plenty of useful information. So, with an extra limit, you don't have to worry about shortening your message and cutting down the information. This extra character limit will allow ad campaigns to be more creative and catchy to attract the customers.

#2.  Less Twitter Threads

Before new character limit, all the tweet threads were typically denoted by (X/X) at the end of each tweet on the platform. But, this problem will be reduced with the new 280 character limit. Well, for the lengthy tweet threads this might be still the case, but rest 2-3 tweet threads will get benefit from this.

#3. More Personal Customers Service.

Twitter is a very expanded platform, that's why numerous companies using it as customers service platform. Where customers can leave their complaints and companies can offer a speedy solution to them. But, with the earlier character limit companies can't offer much help to their users. So, now with more space, they can reply customers with the required solution rather than simple monotone reply.

#Conflicted Conclusion

It has only been few months, so its hard to predict the result of this 280 character limit.  But, one side where marketers are welcoming this new character limit with open arms. On the other hand, some people think it as the killer of Twitter's uniqueness. As people now don't need to be creative to create a meaningful short message. So, we say that extra limit is good, but only for the person who knows how to take the full advantage of 280 character limit.

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