Alert! Hackers are Using Google Search Engine to Transparency your Life


Google Search Engine Is Hackers Next Favorite Tool

Well, there isn’t any doubt that Google Search Engine is the king of all the other search engines available out there. There are numerous search engines available these days, but 30 million people daily trust Google to search for information. That’s because Google offers dynamic search results plus the best web crawling service.

But, folks, now hackers are also using the Google search to retrieve your confidential information such as passwords and debit/credit card numbers. You see guys, using Google Search engine, hackers are able to reach the core elements of your life. That’s why people, understand the different methods hackers are using to steal your private information and save yours from the cybercriminals.

Personal Information –

Hackers use different methods to scrutinize the Personal profile of the person to interfere in his life. Such as:

Personal Website and Blogs.

Nowadays, numerous person starts their own blog or website where they share their opinions, thoughts, and information about themselves. Hackers took advantage of this information and in way of appreciating the blog of person starts to warm their heart and try to unveil information from them.

Message Groups.

On social media groups, people sometimes post a message for any help. Like, if they are working on a particular project and if they want any help, then they might post it on the group. And, from there hackers gets knowledge of the current project on which person is working.

Job Posting.

Hackers are becoming smart day by day. These days they impersonate as an employer and fake job posts on online job search sites. From there they get the CV of the numerous candidates and uses information mentioned in the CV for the malicious activities later.

Help Desks or Link Mapping. 

Using numbers mentioned on the help desk site of the organization, hackers target the inner circle of the organization. Hackers also use organization having weaker malware security system to target the information of bigger organizations.

Web Server and Web Applications

Web Application Error Message.

The web application error message sometimes reveals the sensitive information also. For example, some dump files can provide valuable information like database name, database type, web path, actual server path, related PHP file names and many more.

Default Pages.

Every web server and web application has a default page which determines the installation of the application to the administrator. If there is any problem with the default page, then hackers can take its advantage and crawl into your system.

Web Enabled Devices.

The web-enabled devices such as routers, printer, firewalls, and proxy server save some information when they configure. And, this information can be a pass for the hackers.

Locating Login Page.

Some Login Pages of web applications, which indicate actual application involved, can enable to profile the web applications, which resides on the server. Hackers might come with these login pages and forcefully enters your system.

Preventive Measures

Guys, today we can’t survive without the Google and the internet. So, to be on Google, you have to bear some consequences. The consequences can be prevented if you take some precautions, such as:

  • We should understand that how Google indexes and ranks the websites on the internet. So, that you can identify the difference between genuine and fake website.
  • While participating in group messages, use different name and identity, so that nobody can recognize you.
  • It is recommended to run a search on yourself to check what has published user your name on the internet.
  • Administrators should run a search on themselves over the internet to see what is exposed to them on the internet.
  • Organisations should tell their employees about the information which can be shared with anyone else and which is highly confidential for the organization.

So, people be little cautious while crawling on the Google search engine as in every corner you will face a bunch of lagoons over the world wide web. Be safe and always stay away from malicious online activities.

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