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Google I/O  is a annual developer conference held by google every year since 2008. It Focuses on all recent breakthrough in google products as well as future plans of the company. Google I/O just wrapped up and Sundar pichai pulled off  by addressing that tech industry must take responsibility of the technology they creates. Today major announcements includes Android P , AI typing assistant for GMail and many more.

There were tons of announcements made by the company ,Let’s check out some of the major ones’s

Android P

yes you heard it right Android P is out and this time the beta update is not just for Android One users or Pixel but  for many other vendors also like LG, Sony ,One Plus. The major advancement in Android p is  introduction of Ml Tool Kit for App developers and introduction of IPhone X like gestures which makes google one more brand following iphone trend, but apart from this they have also introduced a feature called Dashboard which lets you check how much time you spent on your phone or how many times you unlock your phone etc , they call this digital well being , how much this actually help we still don’t know.

Google Assistant Voice

Google this time will use voice of John Legend for their assistant later this year  and introduced Six Different Naturally sounding voice as the voice of their assistant by using  their major advancement in audio generation the deepmind’s Wavenet . This update makes Google assistant much more versatile than before , they have also worked with families to make assistant much more friendly.  The Google Assistant has surely become mature , and that was really jaw dropping moment when Sundar pichai used google assistant to book appointment for hair cut in a salon purely by using Assistant.

Smart Compose in Gmail

This feature will be rolled out for customers in next 2-3 weeks and will be directly enabled in their gmail . This feature is purely an AI based advancement and can let user to type his email just by hitting “Tab” ,yes that’s correct this is an autocomplete feature for gmail for which we have waited for years but now its finally here both for desktop and mobile versions.

Google maps Just Got better

Google map’s is one of the most ambitious project of google after their search and the announcements made today made it just better in every dimension.They have introduce more effective routing method and this time the routes can be different for Car , bikes and not the same route. They have also introduced something they called VPS(Virtual positioning system), this lets maps to differentiate more heights of the objects more accurately and this makes suggestion even better than before.They have also introduced a direction feature based on augmented reality which shows the pedestrian in which direction they should move.

Google Lens can store text on your phone now

Google Len’s we all know the product is largely driven by AI advancement in recent years has just got some new exciting features like it can extract text from the web find the word and also can relate to the context , which makes the prediction much more accurate than before , Google also announced that they will be integrating Len’s with their assistant to make things more beneficial for their customers. They have also introduced a style match feature in assistant which let’s user to find similar item on the web just by pointing the camera towards that object.

Suggested Action’s in Google Photos

This is not so major update to google photos but definitely worth looking.In Google photos from now in photo viewer from now there will be suggested toast options which will let’s you do some on the go editing .These suggestion will completely be AI based  and will change according to every photos and some of these changes are really useful like what Sundar pichai showed an example of a old black n white photo which was converted into a colored one at single tap.

Youtube Notification’s are getting better

Yes this time Google announced  improvements in youtube notification style, so from now on wards  user can save all its notification uptill some point of the day and can do a quick review of all notifications at once , this removes the distraction of  youtube notifications  .

TPU 3.0

In Google I/O 2017 company announced  Cloud Tpu(Tensor processing unit) a initiative to make research in Deep Learning more cost efficient by offering Cloud Processing units to run Deep Neural Architecture free of cost.This year they made their TPU more powerful and this time they have introduced Liquid cooling inTPU’s for better efficiency .Their Goal is to Provide free hardware for Machine Learning research.

Click here to watch Google I/O event

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