All You Need To Know About Computer Scientists, Programmers, Developers & Hackers


Well, if you are looking forward to making your career in the computer development program field. Then, you must be highly confused about the different positions available in the computer development field. You must hear that the following person is a computer scientist, programmer, developer or hacker, but what does that mean and how exactly is the work profile of every person functions?

So, if this question has been eating up you as well and you haven’t found any satisfying answer yet. Then, this post will definitely clear all your confusion as we have explained both the four terms of computer development field in the simplest manner.

Who is a computer scientist?

Okay, so let’s find out who is a computer scientist first and what you need to learn to be a one.
A computer scientist is a person who has a deep knowledge of mathematics, machine level languages, data structure and knowledge of all the different algorithms. The computer scientists are a highly skilled and professional career. They are in very demand in the different industries.

Mainly, the job profile of computer scientists includes the development of research data for the development of new programming or technologies. They are appointed in the organization to solve the big and complicated problems. In the giant IT companies like Google, the job of computer scientists is highly required.

Who is a programmer?

Okay, the next person who we are going to talk about is the programmer. A programmer is a person who knows how to play with the different computer codes to create something new. The programmer has the knowledge of all the different programming languages, data structures, and algorithms.

Mainly, the job of the programmer is to manipulate different codes to solve the problems or to create new computer programs. So, we can also say that the programmer is a magician of codes. If you are a magician of codes and like to manipulate with different programming languages code syntax, then you have vast career opportunities in the industry.

Who is a computer developer?

Now, numerous people get confused between the computer programmer and the computer developer. As the role of both the persons involves the codes, that’s why people get confused between both the computer development field. However, the role of the computer developer is bit vast as compared to the programmer. The developer won’t create new things or solve the basic problems with the help codes, they do this according to the set of design and implementation principles.

The set of developers principles include things like performance, maintainability, scale, robustness, and (ideally) security. For example a web developer, android developer, software developer etc. Here, the web developer will solve the web-based problems and Android developer will only create the android based functions or apps.

Who is a hacker?

Well, the hacker is a person who has knowledge of all the different computer development fields. There isn’t any set syllabus to become a hacker. A hacker needs to have knowledge of all the different fields such as computer networking, programming, cryptography, and databases.

The duty of hacker is to protect the system from the attack of the other hackers. They have to locate bug in the system and have to report about the bug to the developers or programmers. So, Hackers are emergency contact number of the organizations that’s why they are highly demanded in the information technology industry.

So, we hope that after reading the clear briefing on all the four different computer development field, you have established some clear understanding of all the terms. In all these fields, the job positions and career growth is very demanding. That’s why to select any of the career paths according to your interest and grow even more.

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