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Google is always known for introducing new technologies and if they won’t make the technology, then they acquire it. Well, at the I/O conference Google launched a software to make the web developers life hassle free and provide the alternative cloud storage- Firebase. Firebase isn’t new to the world, but got attention in 2014, when Google acquired the company and introduced it. After acquiring the firebase Google has instructed its experts team to regenerate the firebase to beat their core competitor Amazon Web Services.

If I say in simple words, Firebase is a mobile platform from Google offering a number of different features that you can pick and mix from. The most functions of firebase revolve around cloud storage, hosting, crash reporting, notifications, analytics and even earning money through AdMob. Apart from it, Firebase provides the user the infrastructure they need to quickly produce robust solutions. The cherry on the top is that most of the features of Firebase are free and Google has made its dear mission to make them free for life. Firebase is the new trend and offers numerous features, let’s look at few of the Firebase features.

Services offered by Firebase

Firebase is friendly with all the leading platforms.

Firebase is a development platform for the web applications, iOS platform and of course for the Android. The most amazing feature of Firebase is that it can support all the leading platforms together. Normally web developers have to make different applications for the different operating software’s, but not with the firebase as it can support all OS systems at once. This saves lots money of the big companies.

Firebase Analytics.

Google works hard to generate Firebase analytics and it is one of the first feature introduced in the Firebase. Firebase analytics is similar as the Google analytics with some better and improved changes. Firebase analytics is metrics tracked and enables web developers to see the number of downloads of the app and understand the behavior of the users.

Firebase Cloud Messaging.

FCM is one of the important parts of Google as they changed its name from Google Cloud Messaging to the Firebase Cloud Messaging. This Google removal of its name from the brand signifies the importance of it for Google. FCM is a cross-platform messaging solution that enables developers to deliver messages to client apps and on top of it, Google provides this service for free.

Firebase easy Authentication.

The app authentication is very time consuming and difficult task for the users. But don’t worry as Firebase has a solution for it. Firebase offers easy app authentication and verification of a suite tool that allows web developers to authenticate users. The Firebase also has a single sign up the plug with the Facebook, Twitter, and Google itself. The Firebase authentication solution also integrates with well-known security standards, such as OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0.

Firebase Storage.

Firebase has a cool storage capacity for you to store important documents, videos and images. The users can also transfer their Google cloud storage data to the Firebase storage easily.

Final Verdict:

Firebase has plenty of other features also, such as Firebase invites, Dynamic link, app indexing, crash reporting etc. More over it is supported by the world’s leading company Google, so this platform is a huge danger for their competitors, especially for Amazon Web Services.

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