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Use Animated Videos To Surge Marketing

The marketing strategies to capture viewers interest toward the particular project has changed dramatically. As today every marketer is looking and exploring new ways to get the attention of their customers. And, in the search for something new, nowadays web designers and marketers have formulated a new marketing strategy out of animated videos.

Yes, today videos are the new source of generating traffic by using their alt tags. The animated videos are totally different from the regular videos. In them, interactive screenshots and tutorials are used to convey a message. In which DOM elements flow and move around the page in sync with the instructor. Which showcased the features and benefits of your app and compel the viewer to give it a shot.

To be honest, video combined with the animation tools is a very significant and powerful manner to attract users. And, the fact that Google prefers websites containing videos tags more is a very crucial reason to opt videos in web designing. Moreover, the benefits of animated videos are not on the base of any rough facts as today we seen numerous big names going through this path and achieving success.

Brands who are using Animated Videos for promotion

Well, Apple is a big IT daddy and they used animated video for their new marketing page dedicated to the Mac Pro. The features of the Mac Pro are located in the center of the webpage and as you scroll down, it swirls and rotates around. And, the features of Mac Pro highlights as your cursor moves. This turns out a very cool and stylish manner to get the attention of viewers.

Another interesting example of the animated video is Adrian Holovaty‚Äôs Soundslice. This website has a collection of different YouTube videos which are chopped into different tabs. The tabs contain the guitar notes played on the song and users can add a tab to the bottom and learn guitar. You can pause or slow play the tab and can easily learn guitar. That’s a very constructive use of animated video tool.

How to add Animated Videos to Web Design

website animationOkay, so are you inspired by the above-mentioned examples of animated videos and want to get benefit from them as well. Then, you have lots of options available in front of you. You can opt little technical approach and use JavaScript animation library or pure CSS keyframes and transitions. Or you can also take advantage of HTML 5 video tag. On another hand, you can simply use YouTube and Vimeo like self-hosted video tools.

Let’s go for JavaScript framework

So, to add animated videos to a web design we have lots options. But, for better results using JavaScript framework is best. Why? Because video has to start, stop and move at the certain time frame. And, as we know that JavaScript framework is more flexible as compared to the CSS animation, that’s why using JavaScript to create animated videos is the correct choice. JavaScript library that should be used for this task is Charlie.js.

But, in the end, it doesn’t matter which tool you use. What matter is to use animated videos, so folks develop one creative animated video and take advantage of their crafty features.

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