Apple iOS 10.3 Has Dramatically Cursed Deep Linking


iOS 10.3 has hardened the life of a Developer

Apple is one of the tech giant company of the world, which has given us an amazing operation software in the form of iOS. The Apple iOS has been on the top trending software list for very long and it’s becoming hard for other OS’s to beat it. Apple is proud of their iOS technology and because of their super functional iOS technology, they are outshining the other prevailing software.

But, in 2017, when a group of scammers hijacked the Apple Safari. Then, that was a wakeup call for the Apple headquarter and indication to review their security loopholes. Well, Apple took it as a matter of their prestige and they revamped their iOS 10.2 into ultra secured iOS 10.3. The iOS 10.3 version is very secured from the point of the user but for app developers, it is a pain in their ass.

Well, because Apple has restricted the automatic opening of app link in the App Store. Now, whenever a user searches for an app over the Apple Safari instead of opening that app in the App Store. Safari will present a dialogue box asking whether you want to open the app in the App Store or not. And, the user can easily avoid it by pressing on”Cancel”, thus this iOS 10.3 security feature has reduced the deep linking charm.

How does deep linking works?

Well, deep linking is one of the ways for the app developers to encourage people to download their app. Deep linking has two main tasks, whenever anyone searches for your app on safari;

  • It redirects the user to the app if they have already installed on their device.
  • It diverts user to the place from where they can download the app.

But, due to the iOS 10.3 security feature, now a dialogue appears first on the screen before redirecting the link. And, this dialogue box is the danger for the app developers as the user can by merely pressing cancel can totally avoid the meaning of deep linking. This iOS 10.3 feature might be great for the users, but for app makers, it has opened up doors of trouble.

Problems Generated by iOS 10.3 for Redirecting

The new security alert is a very good for the users as it is highly secured and can protect their device. But, for the app developers this extra security feature has arisen two problems:

  • Extra Step. This is a mere extra step for the users and they won’t like being disturbed during their search. Thus, half of the user without paying any attention press on the Cancel.
  • A user can easily deny access. With one touch user can avoid redirect link and this is a huge set back for app download conversion rate. As the user has totally skipped a major step of viewing the app link.


Well, the bottom line here is that download rate in iOS 10.3 has reduced 2.5% as compared to the iOS 10.2. Data shows that a second-chance screen helps, but some users still fail to make it all the way through to download. So, in short iOS 10.3 is a virtue for users and curse for the app developers, now you make your choice.

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