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In WWDC 2017, Apple has made major announcements and one of the leading announcement is about the launch of ARKit. The ARKit is a very fine tool that has some amazing sensors and camera resolutions. The ARKit is the tool which removes the line between the reality and virtual reality to provide the implacable digital view. This tool will be introduced by the Apple in the iOS platform which is going to launch in the later this year. The ARKit is a developers tools which provide the ultimate platform to the developers to create argument reality apps on iOS.

The ARKit is a developing software which helps in creating argument reality apps on the iPhone and iPads. The AR apps combine real world with digital overlays, akin to Pokemon Go and Google Translate, which can translate text in the camera view in real time. In the Pokémon go game GPS system is used, but where as in the ARKit tech called SLAM (short for Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) is used. SLAM allows ARKit to work on your iPhone or iPad camera to draw the outline of the object, and the sensor detects the important information in the image frame.

What ARKit offers to the app developers?

Apple has only given the little introduction to the ARKit in the WWDC 2017, they only provided the basic features of ARKit seen. But the ARKit is going to be a very cunning program to work with. Let’s me explain the ARKit functions with an example. The ARKit will take the experience of Apple flyover maps to the next extent. Select any city which supports Apple flyover, such as New York or San Francisco and by tapping on it will provide you the first person experience of traveling on the roads of cities.  With the every tilt in the screen you will actually feel like walking on the busy streets of the city. This all credit goes to the ARKit of the Apple iOS.

Expectations from the ARKit?

The Apple and their fans have tremendously high expectations from the ARKit tool and they expect this tool to break down any walls between the virtual and reality. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook himself said that they are being lowed on the argument reality, but they have invested the huge chunk in it. So, this ARKit is going to make your iPhone and iPad really smart. According to the speculations going in the market, ARKit will enable users to view the animated characters to the real life. You can with the ARKit can select the pair of jeans from the e-commerce website and you can look how it will look on you before buying. The Pokémon go experience is going to amplify which is good news for the gamers. But to fully experience these features of ARKit on iOS 11, we have to wait for little.

Future of ARKit

May be Apple is little late with the argument reality as Google has already running project Tango. But Tango is only available on selected Android devices, and on the other hand, ARKit will be available on all the iOS devices. So, any way ARKit has bigger and brighter future with the exceptional features it is going to provide the iOS users.

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