Art to Enable Balloon Toast Notifications in Windows 10


Why do we need Balloon Toast Notification?

Well, if you are a regular patent for Windows operating software and has worked with all the Windows OS version. Then, you might have already selected your favorite Windows versions out of all and finds it always annoying to shift from one software version to another. But, folks trust me in the rapidly changing trends of technology up gradation is necessary. Well, I am not going to compare different Windows versions today.

As my focus, today is only on one basic feature of Windows 8 and earlier versions of Windows. The balloon notifications are the very popular and utility-based feature of Windows family. This feature is located at the right-hand side corner of the screen, just above the taskbar. Here all your planned events and important updates that required your attention are stored so that we can check them immediately.

So, balloon notifications have been an amazing utility kit. But, with the launch of Windows 10, balloon notifications are replaced with the Toasts. This new feature installed by the Microsoft at the top right of the screen with good thinking. But, few loyal balloon notifications fans whose whole work depends on it doesn’t like it. And, they want their balloon notifications backs, so for them, we have something in store.

How to enable balloon toast notifications in Windows 10?

Okay, to enable the balloon notifications on your desktop, you required the help of Group Policy Editor. If you have already used the Windows 8, then you might be familiar with the trauma you have to face in opening Group Policy Editor. But, good news as in Windows 10 you don’t have to face any of such problem and can easily open Group Policy Editor.  

That’s why enabling balloon notifications in Windows 10 is highly simple and can be achieved with few simple steps. So, let’s find out these simple steps to enable balloon notifications in Windows 10.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to open the Run command on your desktop. For that you can use the keyboard shortcut “Window control + R”. Then your run command dialogue box will appear and where you have to type, this “gpedit.msc”.

Step 2: Next, you’ll want to navigate to the following area within the Group Policy Editor in Windows 10:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar

Step 3: Now you have to locate the file saying,  “Disable showing balloon notifications as toasts.” Once you locate this line click left on it and press the “Enable” key. After that click on “Apply” and now your balloon notifications has been activated on your Windows 10.


If you see it another way, then you might say balloon notifications is not that great. But, the people who are addicted to balloon notifications seems not to leave it. So, that’s totally your personal call that whether you want balloon notifications or you are happy with new toast notifications. Well, if you want to switch between both the notifications, then above mentioned steps are going to be same. So, take full advantage of both features of Windows OS.

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