Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning


What Truly is AI or Machine learning?

The new concepts are swapping in the technology world every day and all these concepts are tightly interrelated with each other, that it becomes very hard for beginners to establish the difference between them. As right now, two terms “Artificial Intelligence” & “Machine Learning” are being used as each other synonym. That’s because to the first time user, both terms might seems same as basically they both are related to the automation of machine. But, in reality, both terms are different as day and night, they come in one category, but their basic structure is totally different. The main basic difference between both AI and machine learning is the utilization of Algorithm.

How exactly Algorithm separates AI & Machine Learning?

An algorithm is a set of complexed and simple calculation rules used to solve any problem.  In machine learning, algorithms take in data and perform calculations to find an answer. It is the responsibility of algorithm to solve the problem in one significant manner.  The performance of algorithm throughout depends on the ability of how independent algorithm is trained. So, we can say machine learning involves the algorithm for calculation and the ability of algorithm is related to its own intelligence. Well, it seems like machine learning and AI meets at one point, but before meeting they diverge their ways.

Fine Comparison between Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning!

If we take in the realm of big data, both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning falls under one head but has an utterly different working model. We can say AI is bigger and wider concept than the machine learning. When we talk about intelligence ability of algorithm, then we are referring to artificial intelligence. But, when we think about data entry for calculation by the algorithm, then that would be machine learning. So, in nutshell, AI means the ability of algorithm and machine learning is data entry on which algorithm draws conciliation. Well, both works together yet very differently, that’s why people got confused in both terms.

Introduction to Deep Learning;

Apart from artificial intelligence and machine learning, a new term deep learning is buzzing nowadays also. Deep learning is another subset for machine learning, but its meaning is deeper and in the plural sense. The concept of deep learning is sometimes just referred to as “deep neural networks,” referring to the many layers involved.  A neural network has one data involved, but in deep learning two or more data sections involved. And these sections can be seen as a nested hierarchy of related concepts or decision trees. A deep learning required more quality data as compared to machine learning.

Parting words.

Well, both artificial intelligence and machine learning are two separate concepts, but both need each other to perform dynamically. And in both having quality data is supreme to draw perfect calculations. So, in other sense working on AI and machine learning depends on quality data. For AI and machine learning to continue to advance, the data driving the algorithms and decisions need to be high-quality. In short, make your data high and your AI will be automatically high. 

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