Artificial Intelligence will Gobble our all Future needs


AI Is Our Future

Artificial Intelligence is a breaking throw the numerous technology-related barriers and has already manipulated large part of our lives. It is the matter of the realization, but today AI has affected very prominently our lifestyle and in the future it impacts is going to be more forceful.

According to an analysis conducted by Tractica predicts that annual Global AI enterprise software revenue will grow from $644 million in 2016 to nearly $39 billion by 2025. And, the service revenue for the AI software developers will increase up to 1.5 billion.

So, we can’t ignore AI and its related technologies to revamp our lives in the future. The six main AI streams that will receive a tremendous bounce back are:

  • Theory of machine learning
  • The natural language understanding process
  • Concepts of deep learning
  • Improved computer vision
  • Strong grip of AI
  • Reasoning of machines

Well, AI is going to change numerous trends of the future and will provide us few interesting and hassle-free solutions. The areas where we can observe more AI affects are:

Automatic Cars

This concept has been going through almost the finishing phase of the past decade. It is the dream project of AI geeks to design the automatic cars that can drive without the drivers. Till date, plenty of productive steps has been taken towards this concept by different automobile companies.

But, due to the grandness and the truckloads of complexities present in the actual working automatic cars. This part of AI isn’t fully developed, but it is predicted that by 2030, the world will be ready for automatic cars.

Visual Recognition & Classification

The visual recognition system of AI is already helping law enforcement, media, and entertainment industries. This system helps in sorting a large number of photographic and audio data in the very short span of time.

Investigating agencies now can easily sort the criminal records of a person using AI. They can very efficiently find criminals using their biometrics records from the databases.

Financial Trading

Financial data is rapidly changing and to maintain Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) data high level of training is required. But, with the involvement of AI in the financial trading, one can easily get the past ten years financial data on the stocks. That means AI has been improving our financial health also.

Easy Maintenance

The large manufacturing units, airline companies and a large number of automobile owners can keep a tab on their machinery maintenance data using AI. The data will automatically tell them, when and which machinery required maintenance and even in which part.

Cyber Security

The spyware, botnets, DDoS attack patterns, and other threats in cyberspace are very popular these days. Public and private organizations are working regularly to control the cyber hackers, but they are like stray dogs which are hard to control. With the cognitive security systems, these threats can be controlled and right utilization of AI is helping numerous online companies today.


Well, AI has already affected a large portion of our lives and in future, it’s going to be more permanent part of our existence. As in future AI can be seen more in medical and educational industry. So, guys, immediately adopt Artificial Intelligence and secure your future.

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