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Best Free VPN Services for Windows Users


Internet is a globe of complex data and with the evolutional of time, this whole network has become even more complicated. Today, when you enter into the digital world of the Internet, then you are highly vulnerable as your personal security is at high risk. That’s why it has become necessary for every internet user to safeguard their personal data and information with the help of free VPN...

Why Flutter is Ideal for iOS Development in 20


Nowadays, app development agencies are seeking cross-platform solutions while creating their new apps. That’s because companies have restricted budgets, especially startup’s and they can’t afford to design different apps for each platform. For these budgeted companies, Flutter is a perfect solution which is completely separate from native iOS development. Flutter Google has introduced an open...

What makes Android Go Apps Different from Regular Apps


At I/O Conference in 2017, Google has made the first announcement of Android Go. Google claims it to be a seamless low budgeted platform that can effectively run Android devices. Google launched this new feature to make android smartphones available for common users. However, if you are not familiar with this new Android technology, then you should look at the below definitions.

Crucial Features That Should Be Considered During Android App Development


The important factor that accelerates web traffic is the dynamic features of your mobile app. The live example of this is the Android platform which has the hold of 85.9% on the global market. Last year, Google has announced that over 2 million monthly active Android users are present in the geographic location like Asia, large parts of Europe and South America.

5 Facts About Controversial TikTok App


TikTok is a music and video platform created by a Chinese technology company. This app has been a great hit among youngsters and programmers. Even our personal tech guru Hitesh Choudhary has created a YouTube video on how TikTok app has been proving a great tool for programmers.

Cool Methods to Secure Your Twitter Account


Apart from your bank account and online shopping account, you have to pay some attention to your social media account security as well. Your social media account has a big threat from malware and adware infections these days. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts are an open platform for cybercriminals.

Cool SEO Tools to Boost your Website Rank


Search Engine Optimization is a very important tool to rank your website on Google or any other search engine. Well, you must be thinking that why we are repeating this fact when we all are aware of it. You see friends, we are repeating this fact again today because it is not a piece of cake to optimize your website.

Step by Step Guide to Design API Integration with Cloud Elements – Part 2


Well, welcome back to the next part of the API integration with cloud services article part two. In the first part, we have discussed the first five steps to connect your app with the popular cloud services using API. So, if you have completely followed the first five steps disclosed by us, now next we are going to know about the rest of the steps to integrate your app.

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