Relational databases VS NoSQL databases and which one should you choose?


Relational and NoSQL Databases are the two types of databases we know of in the world of technology. These two are entirely different based on the processing of data and how it is stored. Each of the databases has a different role to play, and in this post, you will know everything about them. There are some significant differences suited for specific software, and I will enlighten you about the...

Top 5 Javascript libraries and frameworks


With millions of developments in the past two decades, the world of developing has completely transformed. With technology taking over the world, the crown goes to none other than Javascript. Javascript is the mother of all the leading software in the world and has powered innumerable revolutions and disruptions in the world of technology. This is especially true for web developers who have been...

What is the future of Node JS after the release of Deno JS – Deno JS VS Node JS


The wait is finally over! Ryan Dahl made a big announcement which caused everyone to wonder about the future of Node JS. Hundreds of blogs and videos have thousands of opinions and predictions about the upcoming technology. I have even read comments where people are already planning to revamp their software with the new technology as they believe it covers all the flaws that existed in NodeJS. To...

Why MongoDB is getting popular and everything behind the hype


MongoDB, I am sure you have heard this phrase more than any other database in 2020. MongoDB, a database created by the Company called MongoDB, has gained a lot of traction because of innumerable factors, and we will discuss them in this post. With hundreds of events and IT conferences happening all over the world, explaining the benefits and the future of MongoDB, there certainly is more to it...

Discovering everything about Golang and 10 reasons why it will rise in 2020


I am sure you are filled with questions about Golang and its future. After thousands of blog posts being published about Golang every day, it gets pretty confusing to analyze its capabilities and opportunities. The first thing is to analyze the trend and discussions about Golang. The best way to analyze the trend is Google trends, and here is the Google trends chart about the keyword “Golang.”...

Impact of Covid-19 on IT jobs and the future of Technology Sector


The situational crisis created by the Coronavirus pandemic took the World by a storm. Leading corporations in the World, including fortune-500 companies, were all over the news after firing a substantial workforce amidst the mayhem. As expected, the effect was not in a pattern at all and varied hugely among various sectors. Coronavirus pandemic indirectly taught the World about the role of...

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