Automated Testing Is Vital For A Developer


Developers Ignorance Towards Testing

automated testingWell, the web developers whether they are working on WordPress or any other web content tool always makes a common. In the rush of creating different themes and plugins for their website, they totally forget to test their codes. The code which is a foundation of the whole website and easily gets infected with bugs. But, still, numerous developers don’t pay attention towards testing their codes. Maybe because:

  • They are not familiar with the importance of testing codes before implementing them. Due to the lack of awareness about testing.
  • They don’t believe in the power of writing tests for their code and think that as a mere waste of time and cost.
  • They think that to test their themes and plugins performance the web browser is enough, which isn’t true.

Introducing Automated Testing

So, to prove these misconceptions of developers wrong and to offer them a significant tool to run the test.  Then there is one solution, Automated testing is that solution. Well, if we speak about Automated testing technically, then it is testing of bugs to prevent them from entering to the actual production. According to the definition generated by Wikipedia, automated testing, or test automation, is the use of special software to automatically test the code and compare it with the actual results.

automated testing

The test automation can help developers in testing the repetitive tasks that can cause a problem for them. This helps developers to identify the coding errors and fix them so that they can save their lots of cost and time. The automated testing can be used in different ways as different types of automated testing is available. But, unit testing is one of the vital testing types.

Unit tests verify that a block of code, function or class method does what it is intended to do. Performing unit test on a plugin might take some time, but its end result is very satisfying. As you have a plugin with minimum or zero bugs with you after the test.

Benefits of Automated Testing

So, developers automated testing has huge benefits and these benefits might not be seen physically. But, they are going to help you in long run. Such as:

Easy Detection & Removal of Bugs

With the help of automated testing, the bugs present in the coding can be detected at the initial stage before entering the production stage. Thus the developers can easily remove them as removing bugs, later on, becomes a very hectic task.

Quality Software System

When a tester has to write same boring codes again and again. Then, they are bound to make mistakes and that can affect their website. That’s why using automatic software to test codes is very effective as machine never gets bored. So, always use quality software to test codes.

Robust Reporting

Automated testing breaks down each script and interprets visual blog result for them. The visual reporting provides the details of reported bugs and hints on how to fix the bugs.


Well, the automated testing might seem useless in the beginning, but this will help you when bugs start to annoy you. The automated testing saves lots of time compared to writing new test codes, but still, it takes some time to perform. But, guys, patience is a virtue, so always run an automated test on your code.

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