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Floating Label Animations

Well, today if you want your user to come back to your website again and enjoy your services, then, you have to offer them comfort and ease. You need to constantly work on the field to improve your layout and make it more and more user-friendly.

So, while we were looking for user-friendly layouts, there we come across floating form animation features. In the floating labels, when a user clicks inside an input field, and the placeholder (or label, or both!) floats above the field. Thus the user can insert data in the field without label getting in the way.

Well, the floating label is a small feature, but when the user has to fill long and lengthy forms, then it comes very handily. So, we took our search little further and gathered data on free-floating labels forms which can be created using jQuery or JavaScript plugin.

#1. floatingLabel.js

Let’s first discuss the classic floatingLabel.js plugin. This is designed to be the smallest plugin with 1 KB size. The plugin can by default take the place of placeholder in a text area. So, the placeholder will automatically float above when the user types any data in the field.

You can attach this plugin with input or text area both. Moreover, the single call is used by plugin and its default design is very beautiful.

#2. jQuery Floating Labels

So, jQuery Floating Labels is a bit different plugin from the earlier mentioned plugin, but it fully works with jQuery features. The plugin size is a bit larger than the regular size. It requires jQuery dependency to operate, but it comes with plenty of customized options. So, you can tweak with the jQuery Floating Labels to design it according to your needs.

#3. Floatlabel

Taking simplicity in mind Robert Douglas designed Floatlabel plugin. This plugin is based on the jQuery, but trust us you won’t get the simplest plugin than this one. It is a simple input plugin which shifts between placeholder and input labels. Moreover, the demo of Floatlabel is darn easy, but if you stuck anywhere than Github is ready to help you out.

#4. SuperLabel

The superLabel plugin has emerged after the original concept of floating labels. The floating labels concept was introduced by the iOS developers in the early days of smartphones. And, since then this plugin has been used in floating label forms.

But, the downside of this plugin is that its online demo isn’t available. But, to be honest, it is very easy to use, so you can work fine without the online demo. And, moreover, Github page is always there to help out you guys.

#5. Float-labels.js

Well, after discussing the long queue of jQuery plugins, we are thrilled to share Float-labels.js plugin. This plugin runs on the JavaScript without any dependency. It means no JS files are required to operate this plugin. Just one script file and little codes.

This Gemini Lab designed JavaScript plugin is available in three different styles:

  1. Above the input field
  2. Sitting on the border of the field
  3. Floating inside the field above the user’s text

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