AWS a Growing Force in Enterprise IT


Amazon Web Services(AWS), amazon’s behemoth has finally at its prime time. With the current digital world focusing on various new technologies such as AI, cloud & Security. AWS is a one-stop solution to its customers. AWS has already convinced big players like Coursera,Netflix,Expedia, Unilever, Dow Jones, Siemens and many more.In the first quarter of 2016 amazon has experienced a 42% rise in stock value as a result of increasing earnings,of which AWS contributed whooping 56% to company’s profit.With 50% increase in revenues the past few years and quarterly run rate of -3$ B plus, it is predicted AWS will have 13$ B in revenue. What makes so special about the cloud computing, eventually AWS is that customers who are in need of large computing technology had to built their own data centers but with the advent of AWS they could virtually access the facilities. Customers use what they need and are charged accordingly.


AWS preaches the religion of public cloud. But still many enterprises look at building private cloud to handle mission-critical data and keeping less critical data or accomadating non-critical data on AWS. But the private clouds takes incredible amount of energy to operate. So still the basic motive of AWS, to allow their customers to focus on time,customers & money on what matters to their business and leave the heavy lifting on AWS. The AWS is growing at enourmous pace, it had 80 services in 2011, 160 in 2012, 280 in 2013 and 1017 in 2016. which transalates there are three new features in every day every year. Can you even imagine, three whooping services each day for millions of people. 

AWS in India

AWS had also found some big players when it comes to Indian subcontinent. For example it has helped Tata Motors go digital by migrating their database to cloud,a blade manufacturer move their SAP system to AWS; Similarly Axis bank, Future Group and many others. AWS was launched in India in 2016  and have seen 60% growth in customers since then. Today AWS has 1,20,000 active customers in India.This is dramatic growth by any standards in enterprise IT market. AWS has 42 availability zones in 16 regions which includes India.

Migration Pathways

Convincing existing IT firms to transfer from their existing IT to AWS is a number one priority. The company’s primary focus it to make this migration more easy and ensure smooth & speedy transition. AWS has taken different parts of buisness like partner ecosystem,training,certification program, professional services team whole wrapped up into a holistic program called Migration Accelaration Program (MAP)that help customers to migrate from existing infrastructures to AWS.

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