Battle Between Mechanical Keyboards & Regular Keyboard


Integral part of Output System

If we revisit our first-grade computer science book, then we will see the chapter on input and output devices. And, on the output device section proudly stood the Keyboard as the primary output device. Keyboards are an integral part of the computers and basic of every running program.

Now, I’m not execrating facts guys as an operating computer without a keyboard isn’t possible. Especially, for developers, as you can’t create codes without a keyboard. Keyboards are so important but still, we don’t pay much attention towards them. No one actually cares about keyboards before buying them and simply purchase any keyboard recommended by shop guy.

That’s not cool guys and you need to start to think little rationally before buying keyboards. I can bet as half of you doesn’t know that two types of keyboards present in the market. The membrane aka regular keyboard and mechanical keyboard. So, that’s why we are going to compare both types of keyboards and conclude which keyboard is the Best.

Membrane Keyboard

As the rubber-like membrane is used beneath the surface of buttons which makes contact with circuits when they are pressed. That’s why it is called membrane keyboard. And, moreover they are pretty common and can be found anywhere, so they can also sometimes called regular keyboards. Well, as they are a regular keyboard, so you can’t find anything special about them.

Mechanical Keyboard

The mechanical keyboard has springs and different switches attached to the buttons. The spring bounces back when you pressed them and can be easily pressed. The fast technology of mechanical keyboard makes them easier for people who had to type more. Numerous companies manufacture mechanical keyboard, but the German company Cherry dominated this industry, and their Cherry Switches are used in most of the Mechanical Keyboards. So, these keyboards are more popular.

Comparison Between Mechanical Keyboard & Membrane Keyboard

Well, let’s compare both keyboard styles and see which keyboard is best for you.

  1. Bouncy spring technique.

    In mechanical keyboards, springs are attached to each key button which makes it easy to type. A person who has to type more can take advantage of mechanical keyboard comfort. Whereas regular keyboards are bit rough and can’t use for long hours of typing.

  2. Price.

    The regular keyboards are very cheap and can be easily afforded by anyone. But, mechanical keyboards are more expensive due to the advanced technology used in them. But, guys investing in mechanical keyboards can be more beneficial for you.

  3. Chatty keyboard.

    Mechanical keyboard creates some sound when they are pressed which is liked by some people. But, some doesn’t like sound making nature of keyboards. As regular keyboards don’t make any sound, so if you don’t like the sound then the mechanical keyboard isn’t for you.

  4. Comfortable and easy.

    Mechanical Keyboards’ keys easy to press even they are old. Whereas Regular keyboards’ keys start to stuck and become harder to press.


If you want our opinion, then we root for mechanical keyboards as they are more comfortable. A mechanical keyboard is best for long types and playing games. But, that doesn’t mean Membrane keyboards are bad. It is just that the Mechanical Keyboards are great for most of the purposes. So, this battle between membrane keyboard and mechanical keyboard is won by mechanical keyboards most of the time.

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