Top reasons to be a part of Hackathons!


The fear in the mind of an aspiring developer regarding how can he get the much needed exposure to the big IT community is a question to be taken on a serious note. The article is focused to provide a very reliable and also most trusted way to get your first giant step towards becoming a great developer and at the same time, getting yourself introduced to the community where you will be able to meet people with the same mindset. There are several reason to participate in a hackathon but we will start by know what actually we mean by an hackathon and, then we will move on the reasons to get participate in it.

A HackathonĀ is a day or two days long coding competition where software programmers, developers, designers, etc. come together to build and design something very interesting and, it involves working in a team of developers with different specialisations. The team with most innovative and interesting application wins the hackathon and is rewarded with some kickass prizes(a high profiled job in some cases).

Even if that doesn’t sound much alarming to you to participate in a hackathon. Don’t worry, hackathons are much more that. So, here are the top reasons to be a part of Hackathons:

  1. Networking
    Going by the reviews of participants and winners of hackathons, the top benefit they get being at a hackathon is working in a team. Most of the hackathon participants are either college going students or the one’s that didn’t had any experience working in a team, therefore a hackathon’s platform is a perfect place to work with people with different skill set, coding in a group and finally getting a finished product. There are huge possibilities that the team members connect really well and then go on to work on even bigger projects in the future.
  2. Free and for the starters
    The greatest myth that the developers who are just starting out is usually that, hackathons are made for experts which is extremely not true. Hackathons are for everyone who is willing to learn something new. So, even if you are very new to developing you will be given enough tools and resources by the organisers to learn things and get started. Since, most of the hackathons are free of cost, it doesn’t harm at all to give it a shot even when you might have a fear to fail.
  3. Great for your resume
    The Hackathons work like a cement in the wall for a resume. It proves your worth being a developer as a resume is being seen mostly by HR managers hiring for a team. The hackathon experience will give the sense of security that the candidate is already experienced in working in a team, and also ready to take on challenges. Hackathon experience is a big yes, while going for the interviews.
  4. Have Fun
    Hackathon is not just about codes and programming, it’s about the aura and environment of it. A person low on confidence regarding how far he will make as a programmer need to attend one of the hackathons. I am very sure, he will never be looking back again. Hackathons is for everyone, with a lot of perks like food, games, people, challenges activities, etc.

Don’t stop yourself to being in a hackathon. Find one, participate and show the world, what you can do even if its just a small design.
There are lot of reason to join hackathon and if you are the one passionate to join it, learn a skill to get started on Learn Code Online.

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