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What is an AB testing?

Well, we all know that creating a WordPress site is a one minute task. Just register with WordPress and start posting your content. But, if you want a professionally designed website that can attract users to your business. Then, my good friend you required something more, then a simple website.

So, here you need AB testing to get something more and professional looking website. Well, guys, AB testing isn’t any difficult stuff as with little guidance and practice you can understand it very easily. According to Optimizely,” A/B testing is a way to compare two different versions of a webpage with an eye on specific page elements to see which version performs the best.”

Normally, principles of AB testing remains same with all the leading platforms. So, it doesn’t matter your using WordPress or any other portal, rules of AB testing is going to be same. Mainly, there are three main types of AB testing that you should know. According to ConversionXL, these include:

  • Split testing to compare two similar elements of different websites with each other.
  • Multivariate testing for comparing different elements of one website with one element of another website.
  • Experimental to deeply dive on every element of your page to make it error free.

5 Top tools for AB testing!

Okay, so if you want to opt AB testing and to make your website professional looking, then you need the following tools:

  1. Title Experiments Free

    The free WordPress plugin which allows you to test the headings of your post. With Title Experiments you can try different headings and test which heading brought more traffic to your website. You can experiment different headings to understand the mood of readers. This plugin is totally free but you can upgrade it to get more features. The WP Experiments Pro offers more advanced testing features as well, like detailed statistics, support, and automatic experiment freezing.

  2. Marketizator

    This is a very nice plugin that helps you in streamlining. You can create banners and forums using this plugin to market your website. This plugin works to free up to 10000 audiences, and for that, you just need to create an account with the plugin. The features offered by Marketizator includes WYSIWYG editor, multiple page tests, a statistical relevance calculator, reporting, custom goals, and multivariate testing.

  3. Simple Page Tester

    Super easy and simple WordPress plugin that works within the WordPress. Simply select your variation and the calculative result will be provided to you. This free plugin is highly SEO friendly also.

  4. WordPress Calls to Action

    If you want to create great CTAs for your page, then you need WordPress Calls to Action Plugin. It allows you to create great CTAs for your site then track their conversions, run A/B tests and multivariate tests, and increase your leads substantially. You can even expand the working criteria of the plugin also.

  5. Nelio A/B Testing

    This is a very powerful plugin that tests conversion rate of your website. The plugin scrutinizes different themes, designs, color scheme, and content of the website and shows which part of your website is more attracting the readers. This is a very cool tool as it provides the accurate results in front of users. Nelio A/B Testing is available for free trial, but later on, you have to pay $149.

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