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With the rapid global growth, it is important for the business owners to go online and sell their products via the e-commerce websites. But for the nontechnical person it gets difficult to set up the e-commerce website, so we would like to provide some guidance to the not technical persons to start their e-commerce website. Basically, there are two methods to start e-commerce website, first, can be hosted e-commerce platforms like Shopify and another the most popular one is open-source Content Management Systems (CMS).  So, today we will discuss the CMS system to launch an e-commerce website.

Why is CMS best?

The CMS is open source system which makes it very user-friendly and easy to operate on it. CMS being the open sourced gives the facility to add a number of products and shops to the e-commerce website. The user can easily modify and change the features of the product in this system. The CMS has no limit, so you are free to add as many products you desire. Well if you ready to adopt the CMS, then you can opt these best CMS to build an e-commerce website.

Best CMS options:

  1. Magento.  

The most popular and used CMS platform in which almost 21% of the world’s 1000000 e-commerce websites are running. The dynamic plugins and extensions provided by this platform to the users is the great feature of it. Magento makes it easy to run on it by availing experienced developers as well as a lower overall development and maintenance cost. The functions and customization options of the Magneto are an exception. The Magneto is the most SEO friendly platform and has a very highly active community for assistance with tutorials and troubleshooting options.

  1. Drupal Commerce.

Drupal is the second largest content management system after the WordPress and Drupal Commerce is the extension to sell the products online. The Drupal provides the best portal to publish the blogs and SEO friendly content. The Drupal Commerce gives the edge over the other platforms and it is a convincing method to generate content for the e-commerce website.

  1. WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce is the plugin of the WordPress website to build the e-commerce website. The WooCommerce has all the WordPress theme and features installed in it. This CMS platform has all the trendy features of the CMS, but being the WordPress extension the WooCommerce is user-friendly and economical for the small businesses to work on it. The WooCommerce is easy for the not technical persons to operate on and it works very similarly like the WordPress.

  1. osCommerce.

osCommerce is yet another very popular open source CMS platform with 11% e-commerce web sites working on this forum. Being the oldest CMS platform, osCommerce has its fan base and command over the market. But few osCommerce viewers have an issue that the system of the server is very out dated.

  1. Opencart.

One more effective open source CMS platform is Opencart. Though it has one of the easiest to use backends, its support systems are not as comprehensive as compared to the other platforms listed. But the overall platform is very simple to use plus has numerous plugins for the users to work on.

Final Judgment:

For the beginners and low budgeted people, CMS is very effective method to promote the business and generate influential e-commerce websites. So, you can easily select from the above-given list your desirable CMS platform.

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