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A good VPN can be a virtue

Well, if your day starts with browsing on the internet and ends as the same way. Then, my friend, you must be tired of browsing all the local websites by now.  But, due to location issues, you can’t get access to all those entertaining foreign nation sites. So, what to do? Shift to the US for watching latest shows on Hulu or Netflix.

No, guys, you don’t have to shift anywhere, just need to shift your VPN service provider. Now, if you are one of those people who think that getting VPN service is for official purpose or for computer techies only.  Then, guys get over this myth quickly, as providing security and freedom of access are the two primary goals of VPN. So, it doesn’t matter if you want VPN for personal entertainment purpose only.

Okay, now if you are wondering about expenses, then guys free VPN service can work fine if you can compromise with speed little. Now, enough of chit chat and let me show you the best free VPN service providing companies present out there.

#1. TunnelBear

Okay, so TunnelBear gets the first position on the list due to it’s easy and user-friendly interface only. The TunnelBear supports 1000s of servers with server locations in 20 different countries. It can also support 5 devices at one time. The server only provides you 500 MB monthly traffic which is a downside. But, if you use VPN occasionally, then this is a more then sufficient. And, if you want more then you can simply subscribers to the pro version at a monthly rate of $4.99.  So, that’s good and it even supports iOS, Android and Windows.

#2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

This VPN also has free and paid subscription versions available. In the free version of Hotspot Shield, Free VPN user will get 750 MB daily traffic that’s better than #1 on our list. But, on this server, you can’t manually select the location and for that, you have to get a subscription. Otherwise, performance is bit issue with the Hotspot Shield Free VPN also. As your internet may get super slow with this VPN. But, other than that for some fun web surfing, this is a good option.

#3. Winderscribe Free VPN

This list can’t get completed without Winderscribe Free VPN host. The server offers you 10 GB monthly traffic data. That’s good, but it has two downsides. First, it isn’t available for the Android phone and second performance of the server is bit tipsy. To run on the Android phone user need to get pro version of the server. But, it supports the free and open VPN clients such as OpenVPN, IKEv2, SOCKS5 and more. You can also get Windscribe VPN for a few selected WiFi Routers.

#4. Freelan VPN

This VPN is only for the geeks. As Freeland doesn’t have GUI support, so everything over Freeland operates on the command prompt. This is strictly for the users who love open source software and likes everything to be done manually. You can do more than web browsing with this VPN as the program also installs new network drivers and takes controls of your web traffic. So, if you can handle commands very well, only then go for Freelan VPN.

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