Best Password Manager for Linux & Android: KeePass


What is a Password Manager?

Today our life is secured with the help of 8 letters combination of numerical and alphabets digits only. From social media account to work computer desktop, all our digital data is secured with the same set of keywords. Which is so wrong on the security levels. But, remembering different combinations of words on daily basis isn’t an easy task either.

So, to secure our gadgets and email accounts with the strong password we required a password manager tool. And, for the Linux and Android gadgets holders, KeePass is that tool. Because this tool is very versatile, can operate cross-platform and with the legacy of so many years, it is a perfect application. Moreover, this application is available for free, so you can’t miss this application.

The KeePassX on Linux desktop and KeePass2Android on Android devices can secure your system very well. The installation and running of application are very easy and slightly different for both OS. That’s why we have drawn separate guidelines for both.

KeePassX on Linux desktop

KeePass is basically designed for the Microsoft Windows system, but it can be used in Linux desktop also. The application being the open source, lightweight and free has been its main highlights. The Linux users can take the benefits of numerous utility features of the application. Such as the creation of AES Encryption of passwords database, to powerful password generator, for auto-type for username and password or for KeePass 2 databases (.kdbx) support.

The KeePassX can be installed on Linux desktop with the help of Mono. Mono is an open source app implements Microsoft .NET Framework. So, this will help in operating KeePass on Linux. After that, you can access KeePassX using the Ubuntu Unity Dash. Or you can simply search it from the Ubuntu application collection. You need to add keywords “KeePass” in dash search bar to get the application.

After installing the application you need to generate master password only and rest will be taken care by KeePassX. The master password needs to be strong which cannot be easily cracked. So, keep that in mind and never use your name or date of birth as a password.

KeePass2Android on Android devices

Well, as you know that KeePass2Android is designed for the Android users to protect their devices. The application with the easy interface and a free database has been very popular on Android handsets. The KeePass2Android app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app has numerous features apart from managing your password. Like, can support .kdbx (KeePass 2.x) databases, can access databases directly from the cloud, can auto file username and password and can locally cached copy of the database.

Final Words on KeePass

Well, the KeePass is a very cool app and you can make it cooler by connecting it to the Dropbox. As Dropbox is the only cloud service that works on Linux. Moreover, with Dropbox, all your KeePass database is securely preserved. So, you should immediately download KeePass on your device if you required the optimum level of security and that without remembering so many passwords.

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