Best Tech Gadgets that Made Presence in the Last Years


It’s Not All About Software’s

You might hear that the software market is very hot and always buzzing with the new inventions. We commonly hear numerous achievements of software engineers from time to time. So, it means that hardware market is dead and all the hardware experts are free.

Well, for that hell has to break because hardware industry is shinning equal or we can say even more than the software world. Because if we say in layman’s words if there isn’t supporting hardware device available, then how come your super dynamic software operates.

So, yeah, people hardware has also developed and has shown tremendous success in the past few years. Well, if in the hustle and bustle of your life, you haven’t gotten time to check out the cool hardware tech gadgets of last few years, then let us rewind them for you.

Reused SpaceX Falcon 9

To create a big messy piece of a rocket requires; few million dollars, hard work of few years and high-level gadgets. But, when after all these efforts the rocket is launched in the space, then half of the time it ends up back on the earth in the form of burnt ashes.

But, not anymore, in March 2016, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket who makes its first successful upright landing. The bigger point here’s that Falcon 9 is totally made up from the remanents of unsuccessful Falcon stage one. SpaceX company has truly achieved their motive of usage and saved millions of dollars.

Return of Samsung Galaxy S8

No one forgets the epic VR disaster and little explosive nature of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. So, later to salvage their reputation Korean company launch Samsung Galaxy S8. And, what a salvage it was, stunning bezels combined screen to provide a borderless screen, amazing voice control, and sensational fingertip sensors. Overall, Samsung gave a run to other smartphone companies with this smartphone.

Snapchat Made Statement With Spectacles

Are you hooked on Snapchat stories and its cool features, then you might love Snapchat Spectacles. Much like Snapchat, its spectacles glass can record videos. Yep, just like some bond movie, where spies can record with their spectacles.

Well, Snapchat spectacles are not as great as James Bond movies, but they are one of their kind. And, only a few selective people own them as a company wants to keep them rare.

Microsoft Remerged With Surface Laptop

To beat the Apple Mac Book air and Google Chromebooks, Microsoft made an appearance with the surface laptops. The laptop with stripped-down but more battery-efficient operating system called Windows 10 S. The company designed laptop after targeting the educational sectors.

LG Signature W-Series “Wallpaper” TV

After a very long time, something new is introduced in the TV market. TV consumers always want unique screen size and phenomenal display quality, so LG tried to provide that to the customers. With Wallpaper, their $7,999, 65-inch display weighs just 16 pounds and is .15-inches thick TV sets.

Well, hardware gadgets marketing is exploding with the technology-based innovations. So, never peg hardware industry less as compared to the software industry.

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